Comparing and analysing two advertisements

Advertisers use printed media to sell a product to target an audience. By doing this, they use linguistic and structural features to convey the message effectively in order to persuade the target audience to purchase the product. I will be comparing and analysing two advertisements in order to state which is more successful in conveying the message across. I will be looking to compare a ‘Sandals’ advertisement and a ‘Morocco’ advertisement. ‘Sandals’ is the company name of the package being advertised. This company has ’12 luxury Caribbean resorts’.

This shows that it is a big company and it has a wide range of resorts that can be visited of your choice ‘which one are you in the mood for? ‘ Direct speech ‘you’ is being used. The advertisement immediately catches the readers’ attention and also contains a few pictures to show what they have within their packages. The pictures are of massages, bedroom suites, wine glasses on a table, someone playing golf, and a beach with palm trees. The logo is written in a stylish font which is a sunset orange/yellow colour. This colour reflects the heat and the sunshine of the destinations.

Magical Morocco’ is the name describing the country Morocco. Morocco is a vibrant and bustling country as it is shown in the main picture. This advertisement also uses direct address ‘indulge yourself’, ‘a steam room where you’ll be given a rub-down and massage. The pictures portray not only the vibrant and hectic street life but also the calm and relaxing sceneries of different places to visit and the luxury villas that are around. In the ‘Sandals’ advert, the target audience is for all couples. This is shown as there are pictures of water sports, golf, and wine at the table, relaxing massages, and very comfortable bedroom suites.

In ‘Magical Morocco’, it’s all about having fun with the family and having a having a wild time. However, Morocco can also be a relaxing place ‘so whether you want to immerse yourself in the hectic street life of Marrakech or retreat to a more chilled-out resort, you’ll find that Morocco more than measures up. ‘ Both the texts have been written to attract the readers’ attention and to get them to visit the place that they are advertising. Within the context of both advertisements, direct address is portrayed. This is used to make the reader feel more involved.

This is done by using the words ‘you’, ‘you’ll’ and ‘yourself’. These words are continuously being repeated throughout both the texts. Also the language used within the context of the two advertisements is persuasive, but it allows you to make up your decision about where you want to go ‘which one are you in the mood for? ‘ and ‘so whether you want to immerge yourself in the hectic street life of Marrakech or retreat to a more chilled-out resort, you’ll find Morocco more than measures up’. Positive lexis has been used throughout both the advertisements.

In ‘Magical Morocco’, it says ‘vigorous rub-down and massage’. This is saying that you are tired so free yourself and relax. Also it says ‘a bustling and vibrant city’ this shows more positive lexis. ‘Beautiful snow-capped Atlas mountains’ tells us about another relaxing place to go and chill. In the ‘Sandals’ advert, it says ‘you’ll find quality, choice and service go hand in hand’ this shows that you will have all that you would want out of a holiday. Your holiday will be just as you wish. The ‘Sandals’ advertisement has a main picture of the resort, and also has a few pictures underneath the text.

This gives the reader an idea about what ‘Sandals’ are offering to them within the package that they are reading about. The advertisement shows pictures of people relaxing and being chilled out as it is a calm holiday resort package. However, the ‘Magical Morocco’ advertisement also has a main picture of the nightlife showing how fun Morocco can be in the evenings. This advertisement also has pictures at the end, after the texts, showing the street life during the day. This clearly helps the reader form an image of what Morocco is like.

Yet, it also forms a clear image of how relaxed Morocco can be, as it also includes pictures of the Atlas Mountains and other relaxed areas that are in Morocco. You can ‘ride camels or quad bikes along the beach’ and ‘visit the shops in relatively calm’. In the ‘Sandals’ advertisement, the text uses imagery such as ‘most comprehensive water sports in the Caribbean’. This creates and image of fun and active sports. In ‘Magical Morocco’, the text also uses a lot of noun phrases such as ‘bleak winter months’, ‘sizzling food’, ‘cosy house’, ‘overlooks the sea’ and many more.

Also throughout both texts there is appealing vocabulary such as ‘stunning’, ‘luxury’, ‘beautiful’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘impressive’ and many more. This is positive lexis that has been used to sell the product to the holiday finders. The colours used in the ‘Sandals’ advertisement are bright, sunny, warm weather and tropical. The colour blue represents tranquillity. The advertisement shows the view during the day. On the other hand in the ‘Magical Morocco advertisement, it has lights and darker evening colours as it is showing Morocco’s night life.

The gold reflects the magical and mysterious atmosphere of ‘Magical Morocco’. There is one main difference between the two texts: the layout. In ‘Sandals’, there is not much detail and it is straight to the point. However ‘Magical Morocco’ is completely different. There is a side column that contains all the details to help you organise your trip. There are details about flights and how to get there, where to stay, things that you can do while you are there, and places to eat and drink. This is a very detailed advertisement. The graphology of both the texts differs.

The layout in ‘Magical Morocco’ contains short but detailed paragraphs. This increases the pace to make Morocco seem like an exciting and adventurous place to visit. The main subheadings tell us a bit on that subject relating to ‘Morocco’. On the side, it contains the same subheadings but it contains contact details about the areas told in Morocco. However in ‘Sandals’, it has more basic and to the point sentences. This advertisement doesn’t contain any specific contact details for a specific resort, but it tells us a main website and telephone number as contact details.

This advertisement also tells us a few of their resort locations. The language used in both the advertisements is informal. In the ‘Magical Morocco’ advertisement, they use phrases such as ‘the hippy chic town’, ‘haggle’ and ‘while you’re sipping a cocktail’. Also in the ‘Sandals’ advertisement there are phrases such as ‘And if your … ‘ this shows that the sentence starts with the word ‘And’ which is an informal start to any sentence. When you first take a look at the ‘Magical Morocco’ advertisement, it makes you feel excited and it looks like a very lively destination.

If you want to go out and have a wild and hectic time, this is the perfect destination for you. Nevertheless, it is the complete opposite when you look at the ‘Sandals’ advertisement. This advertisement makes you feel calm and relaxed. If you need a break from your hectic life, it seems like the perfect place to go and visit. I feel that the ‘Sandals’ advertisement is very effective at being to the point. This advertisement allows the reader to get right into the right mood.

The contact details allow the reader to get involved straight away. This is good for holiday makers that want to know about good deals and good packages. It contains everything the reader needs to know about the packages that the company has to offer. On the other hand, I also feel that the ‘Magical Morocco is very effective as it contains most of the details that you need to know to get yourself to Morocco. This advertisement is very detailed, so it is good for holiday makers that are choosing a destination for their holiday.