Colonization and capacity of human race. They say

Colonization of other planets may sound
very appealing yet it is a controversial topic for a recent history. Throughout
the decades there have been published and shoot many books, sci-fi movies and
cartoons, where Earth populace travels to other planets and start to live
there. Taking into consideration that mankind has always been searching for new
and undiscovered lands throughout the history and almost every part of the
Earth is now inhabited by the world-populace, thus the curiosity of exploring
unknown lands is getting intensified. When this is the case, mankind asks a
question to himself whether we should colonize the rest of the galaxy and will
it be possible to inhabit there. Since humans first landed on the Moon, this
question has started to find an answer. Thusly, humans have been able to see
that they could make journeys to the space and therefore, while it seems real
we should colonize other planets for science and survival and most importantly
for growing civilization.

are many motivations to colonize alternate planets and one of is with the end
goal of science. As per the researcher, it is there to be done as a declaration
of expertise and capacity of human race. They say it will rouse in future ages
to endeavor forward, higher than ever. Since Neil Armstrong initially arrived
on the Moon it has been the base of discussions that if people were fit for
making a trip to the space 30 years back for what reason not to colonize
different planets in future with the assistance of many propelled advancements.

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As per the researcher, colonization of the space will be the following goliath rise
for humankind. Arriving to the Moon was the motivation that has prompted tests
being sent to the most distant spans of our nearby planetary group and in
addition Mars and Venus. It has flooded into different ventures, sustained the
perpetual interest for sci-fi books and motion pictures and been the purpose
behind innumerable investigations and research endeavors. We ought to research
the colonization of different planets now with the goal that we are readied and
competent to begin this undertaking when it is regarded an attractive movement
by adequate individuals to produce the intrigue and presentation to make it a

addition to this, many well-known cosmologists including Stephen Hawking, claims
that only way for humanity to survive the next millennium is to colonize the
space. As per the Associated Press, Hawking has for some time been a supporter
of space investigation as an approach to guarantee humankind’s survival. Living
on a solitary planet abandons us in danger of self-demolition through war or
mishaps, or a cosmic catastrophe like an asteroid strike.

any case, rather than Stephen Hawking, a financial expert Adam Ozimek, states
that there is nothing that could happen to Earth that would make it less hospitable
than Mars or some other planets in close planetary system. He later proceeds
with that masses of the Earth stress that seas will rise or be contaminated and
without a doubt it will make live brutal on Earth. Nevertheless, it is
experimentally demonstrated that there is no fluid water on any of the planet
in the solar system and it is much worse than having contaminated seas. Also,
we stress over the air contamination on the Earth yet it is difficult to breath
without special dressings on the space. In this manner whatever extreme issues
that Earth is presently confronting we live in much preferable condition over
we could likely discover on alternate planets.

to abovementioned claim, colonizing other planets, most probably, the Mars
might be helpful in case an asteroid will hit the world. Obviously, as
inhabitants of Earth we would not immediately leave our planet instead we would
try to deflect it.  however, in case it
would not be defeated we will need some other place to go. Colonizing other
planets will save the humanity from such a big disaster.

another reason that justify the claim why we should colonize the space is for
growing civilization. Despite the fact that individuals state that the Earth is
coming up short on resources that is extremely not genuine. We are expending natural
resources at a speedier rate than the Earth can displace them, however as our
innovations enhance we will have the capacity to move far from those
non-renewable energy sources and use cleaner, more proficient, all the more
effectively recharged fuel sources.

my opinion, space colonization is very appealing in terms of adventure and
science, however living conditions there will not be as friendly as what our
planet offers us. In order to build a habitable ecosystem in those planets, hundreds
of years are required and the result might not be as we expected. However, for adventure
traveling to those undiscovered planets sounds like a great idea. Personally, I
would very much like to discover new natures with extremely different climates
and watch the sunrise and sunset from different perspective. However, I doubt
that how it is likely to carry world populace to the other planets while
considering the fact that one cosmic rocket can only carry a few persons. Additionally,
for the purpose of establishing a brand new habitat many advanced technology is
required. To meet those demands many resource is needed and thus we would use our
planet’s reserves and eventually lessen what we have for a futuristic project,
that may not result as wished.