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College Drop Out Rates A major subject that has been brought up by students, parents, reporters etc. is the phenomenon of high student dropout rates in U.S. colleges. Many students over the last few years have changed their majors, and eventually dropped their education in college and went out to find jobs, but we have to consider the causes that led them to do something like that. On the other hand, there are people who that think that this phenomenon is not as a great deal as people make it and that the dropout rates in U.S. colleges is not that high. In order to get a better understanding of this subject, I have found three sources that can prove that the phenomenon of high student dropout rates in U.S. colleges is a true issue and the causes, which are three main things: anxiety, student debts and financial success.  First things that we have to check why students dropout rates has increased over the last years so much is due to the cause of anxiety. The main problem that arise from anxiety is that it will follow people for the rest of their lives and have a great effect on what they want to do in their lives, the only way to solve this problem is by visiting a doctor, and potentially for a prolonged period of time. According to Sages. et al. , their research show that students have a monthly income from their jobs of $595.52 and that their student loans could reach up to $16,456.56 and scoring a mean anxiety score of 19.34 (3). We can clearly see that the student debt contributes largely to the manifest of anxiety, which will be further discussed in the later part of this paper. This can drive many students to give up on their collegiate education during the middle in order to find a job and be able to repay their debts. Another thing that we have to take into account is how students get stressed over their debts and they do not take in account that since they give up college, all they have achieve is to have debts and not get a diploma in the end. As research show from Sages. et al., we can see that students may spend more money than they can afford and this mean value reaches 2.30 of 292 students (3). We can therefore assume that students getting such a low compensation from their jobs may not have enough money for rent, food and gas fuel. This will lead students’ inability to spend a lot of money for clothes that they want, causing the effect to spend more than they make. Nonetheless this can cause a great deal to the phenomenon of high student dropout rates in U.S. colleges since their debts grow more and more instead of getting smaller. Another important factor that can cause of students dropout rates in U.S. colleges to increase is students debt. Firstly, we can see that since 70s until 2016 the tuition cost has double (Price 2). With such an increase over the last years and the economic crisis that we are facing now days where employees get pay less than previous years due to the crisis companies faces is no wonder the students drop rates are increasing. Many people throughout the society will argue that the reason students have so much debts are because they do not how to control money yet and how to pay their debts correctly so they would be in so much trouble that will caused them to drop out of college. However, this side of people are wrong because according to Price research students when they graduate they own more than $25,000 and almost 7 million students are forced to drop out of college (1). They should take into account that if a student owes that much money until they repaid their debts it will take them at least three years, with that in account students would not be able to have so much free time to go out with friends and spent some money for themselves. In addition, we should consider that since they own so much how would they be able to make a family and have a normal life since both of them will have loans. Taking both in account, we should wonder how both genders can find a romantic relationship after graduation if they have to work to much in order to repaid their loans and not have that much time for social life. This can be a serious cause that can lead to the phenomenon of increase rate of students that drop out of colleges in U.S. Furthermore, we have to consider the pressure students may have in order for them to achieve financial success leading to the increase of dropout rates in U.S. college. From the research Leppel make it show that “students who highly valued financial success…were more likely to drop out of college than students who valued financial success less” (1). Firstly, we have to check out the reasons why students where drive to drop out of college in such a degree. One main reason may be the pressure and influence parents have on them in order to achieve financial success and have a better life or easier life than them without suffering. Also, another point that may drive students to search for financial success to this extent may be to repaid their debts as soon as possible in order to remove the anxiety that is a big burden. To support this idea even more Leppel research show that according to the theory that is based on “This student values current money relative to future money so highly that he/she finds it difficult to wait to complete school to start earning that income” (4). This ideology that students want to make more money now is what causes the increase in dropout rates in colleges. To that account, we have to consider that in order for students to ensure financial success will have to work in order to start repaying their debts but also to take high grades in college to get a better job. From this idea we can see the pressure that students face and also that due to this routine students may sacrifice their sleep time in order to achieve both. From that point of view, students may drop out to make more money and also avoid the pressure of doing well in both things, by that we can see why the dropout rates has increased over the last years for students in U.S colleges. In conclusion, we can see that the main causes that lead to the increased rate of students dropping out of colleges in U.S is due to anxiety, students debt and financial success. One way for this problem to be solved or reduced a little bit so it will make less pressure on students is by reducing the tuition fee that colleges have or by giving more scholarships to students. In addition, societies should step forward to help young people in order to help them have a normal life and not quitting college due to massive debts or anxiety. College tuition fees continue to increase more and more every year and the number we saw from Price of close to 7 million will continue to increase causing even a worst scenario students not be able to even attempt a college (1). Taking all this into account we can see that this causes a lot of trouble to students that try to study in college and it should not wonder many people why we have such an increase in dropout rates in U.S colleges.word count: 1285Works CitedPrice, Tom. “Student Debt.” CQ Researcher, 18 Nov. 2016, pp. 965-88, library. /cqresearcher/cqresrre2016111800. SAGES, SAGES., et al. “The Correlation between Anxiety and Money Management.” College Student Journal, vol. 47, no. 1, Mar. 2013, pp. 1-11. EBSCOhost,, Karen. “College Persistence and Student Attitudes toward Financial Success.” College Student Journal, vol. 39, no. 2, June 2005, pp. 223-241. EBSCOhost,