CLC to humidity in atmosphere. The raw materials

CLC is customary concrete, in which
natural gravel is supplanted via air installed in a organic, hardened/stable
and bio-degradable foam which causes no substance reaction however exclusively
fills in as a “enclosing” material for the air implanted in the
solid. CLC functions like conventional concrete, specifically concerning
curing, solidifying and most imperatively ageing. CLC boundlessly expands its
quality by hydration (framing of precious stones in bond) in so far as uncovered
to humidity in atmosphere. The raw materials involved in the process of manufacturing
of CLC bricks are cement, lime, specifically ground sand and foam. The procedure
is based on generating air bubbles in the form of foam and then blending this foam
with cement or in some cases fly-ash slurry. Since CLC slurries have higher
bond substance, no autoclave curing is required – rather, the completed item is
cured like typical concrete or Steamed Cured with low strain to accomplish
early quality.


to IS codes, these have a compressive strength of 2-2.5 kg/cm2 and its
dimensions are 400-600 x 200 x 100/150/200 mm with a variation size of 5
mm (+/-). They possess low thermal conductivity of 0.32 Kw-M/C, which helps is
saving 30% electricity costs. It emits very low carbon-di-oxide while
manufacturing hence, it is not harmful for environment. One cum of CLC bricks
cost around Rs. 4000. The factory setup is low as compared to AAC, and if steam
curing is utilized in production, manufacturing period is reduced. It has water
absorption capability of 12-15% of volume of block. They possess a dry density
of up to 800 kg/m3 according to IS standards and fire resistant for
around 4 hours. Joining of bricks is done by using chemical mortar as a result
of which the material consumption of cement is reduced which furthermore
abstains from curing process. Having good dimensional veracity, the solidity of
plaster is also reduced. These bricks are majorly used for light-weight
concrete panels, void fillings and are also used in structures located in the
seismic zones in a bulk quantity.

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