Cincinnatus: was thought that a Roman should only

Cincinnatus: The Hero of Rome After his appointed year in office, Cincinnatus retired to his farm. Rome continued to fight both internally and externally. Military disaster followed when a Roman invasion force against the Aequians, led by the Consul Mincius, were trapped in the Alban Hills. In such a time of emergency, a Dictator with supreme power could be elected by the senate. This, in 457 B.C., was the course of action they took and it was unanimously decided to send for Cincinnatus. A party of senators arrived at his farm and told him of the dangers threatening Rome. The group of senators arrived telling Cincinnatus that he had been nominated dictator. Cincinnatus decided to help out his county instead of dishonoring his country. The love for his country is beyond astonishing and well-loved. For such an amazing skill of arms, he was allowed to ride through the city in triumph. Cincinnatus, a farmer from Rome, had to make many decisions throughout his life. As he fought the Plebeian Tribune Gaius Terentilius Harsa, Cincinnatus stopped Terentilius from enacting his laws. Horatius nominated him for dictatorial term of six months. After all this, he left his farm and everything he had behind. Being his second time dealing with politics and the army assembled, Cincinnatus took his army to fight the Aequi. Cincinnatus, a very noble and humble man, did not want to cause any unnecessary bloodshed. He told the Aequi that he would let them live if they surrendered. In just two weeks he had raised an army, crushed his enemy and laid down his office to return to farming. It is these events that were glorified as a model of how a Roman nobleman ought to behave. Such strictness and modesty were looked upon as characteristics of the ideal Roman citizen. It was thought that a Roman should only serve his country, not wish to have it serve him. Cincinnatus was a hero who did his duty and no more. I would choose to lay down my authority instead of ruling Rome under dictatorial power. Being myself, I would much rather be on my farm in peace, rather than being in control of thousands of people. My job as a citizen is to protect my country and fulfill my duties at times when needed. When you look back in your life and see how great of a role model and hero you were, that matters more than power and money.