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Christopher Browning 2004Ian Kershaw1998Daniel Jonah Goldhagen 1996Source of information :Final solution plan: By end of October 1941 conception of final of exterminating jews as a solution had taken place13th August 1920 when Hitler made it clear in a public speech that he wanted.Goldhagen uses this to substantiate his claim that the holocaust was a long term plan when in fact (page 134)Hitler began making his ideal into a plan sometime either at the end of 1940 or early 1941 (page 147) Nazi priority policies list:Lebensraum.Implies short term because when invading began Nazi jewish policy was going backwards but living space for the German people was deemed more importantAryanisation (not the same as eliminationist) Eliminationist.In brownings case ths being through the method of emigration,not holocaust Browning makes it clear that this and lebensraum were both conflicting policies as with the success of one you saw the failure in the other.LebensraumEliminationist First to make them “socially dead beings and get rid of their financial standing in Germans To remove the jews “as thoroughly and permanently” as far away from the physical contact of the German peopleHitler’s will Hitler stayed away from the nazi policy on jews for many political reasons on (page 408) Browning makes it clear that hitler gave no explicit order,but he made it unmistakably clear what his intentions were and his commanders would understand and race to do hitler’s bidding Hitler’s way of conducting his authority was through ‘vague and explicit statements,exhortations and prophecies’ and his inner circle and other Nazi leaders would pay attention to this and from it would bring hitler more specific guidelines for his approval (page 425) Hitler was not directly involved in constructing nazi policy on jews but his will was always taken into consideration and he could intervene at any point and his will would be carried out Kershaw states “Hitler had not been involved in the Wannsee conference…there was no need for his involvement” this illustrates his limites role within the anti-semitism this is mentioned in his first volume of his book on Hitler called hubris believes Hitler was the driving force behind anti-jewish policy (page 135) Emigration: Madagascar plan for western european jews makes this plan more plausible because it is an island far away from the german sphere of influence and makes the jews non-existent in europe. Cesarani supports this in Eichmann as in his book he tells us that the german foreign office drafted a paper on the ‘jewish question’ in which France’s african colony (madagascar) could be used to to remove the jewish population of western Europe.(page 84) Kershaw argues Hitler himself inferred to Goebbels towards the end of 1938 that “the jews must be removed from germany in 10 years” (page 135) why would Hitler say this if he had planned extermination He also agrees with Goldhagen, Siberia plans were synonyms for genocide,but similar to Browning does not imply a plan was made. Madagascar + Siberia both were plans for extermination because lands would not be able to sustain so many jews without mass death could perhaps convey an eliminationist point of view as many jews were to be killed Beginning of Systematic mass murder(Genocide):  Like Browning, Kershaw suggests that the progress to an efficient obliteration of European Jewry was a result of the assault on the soviet union and Goldhagen believes During the spring of 1941 (sunday 22nd of june with the beginning of operation barbarossa was when the holocaust began.”The vastly larger military campaign and the smaller exterminatory one were intertwined, parallel operations in Hitler’s planning” (page 148)The Media’s role in the Holocaust Kershaw and browning both agree that during the war there was absence of any reference of extermination of jews and it was kept this way because as browning mentions “the more the news of mass murder filtered through,the less the public wanted to be involved in the final solution of the Jewish question Kershaw agrees with browning on the fact that propaganda played a huge role in hiding the true face of the Nazi worldwide and this is important because Hitler wanted to make peace with Britain Propaganda pushed to the german people from Volksempfanger (radio receiver developed at the request of Goebbels)since 1936 (one page before chapter 2) Hitler’s own speeches.Radio,newspaper,magazines,journals and films all helped hitler forward his anti semitic ideas to the german people(page 136)