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Chokhi Dhani | Luxury accommodation for tourists History of Chokhi DhaniChokhi Dhani has become one of the most famous describing brand of Rajasthan. It describes a Rajasthani village themed hospitality since 1990. The international and provincial travelers are being served by luxury accommodation in the 5-star Chokhi Dhani Resort & Hotel, Jaipur since December 1994.Chokhi Dhani group has emerged as a unique hospitality chain with its promise for guests to provide a unique experience of Rajasthani culture under the guidance of Chairman, Mr. Gul Vaswani and Managing Director, Mr. Subhash Vaswani.People adores what Chokhi Dhani is devoting to the society as becoming the Pride of Rajasthan and India by preserving and promoting the best presentation of Rajasthani ancestry  culture and hospitality.Chokhi Dhani means ‘Unique Village’, situated 20km south of Jaipur. It is the best introduction to the rural and authentic Rajasthan and a best fun place to be visited by family and kids.Open air restaurants are presented by Chokhi Dhani to enjoy delicious thalis with its historic-traditional food along with the popular Rajasthani entertainment like dances, acrobats, snake charmers, puppets shows and snack stalls, camel rides, amusement parks for kids to enjoy!  Units of Chokhi DhaniThere are several units spread all over the country like ‘Chokhi Dhani Village’, ‘Chokhi Dhani 5 Star Ethnic Resort’, ‘Kalagram’, ‘Chokhi Dhani Palace Hotel & Desert Camp’, ‘Chokhi Dhani Resort and Fun City Indore’, ‘Chokhi Dhani Foods’. Chokhi Dhani the Ethnic Resort, Jaipur:One of its kinds Chokhi Dhani resort serves with several luxurious facilities and event stamping memories of life by providing Royal Cottages, Luxurious Suits, and Conference Halls for all your business meetings, Best Rajasthani themed Multi Cuisine Restaurant Bindola, Outdoor Barbeque, Bar, Disco cum Club, Spa, Banquet Lawns and Swimming Pool.The activities which are performed here are very attractive to the people because of its luxurious facilities like Open Dining called CHOUPAL in Chokhi Dhani, a appealingly represented swimming pool in a traditional style called as KUND, a healthy and relaxing Spa is also presented there named as SANSHA.  Chokhi Dhani, Indore:  Chokhi Dhani has also introduced its tradition and culture in Indore also. This division is also providing a wide range of luxurious facilities like Accommodation, Conferences, Dining, Village Fair, Water Park, and Royal Wedding.This is a Luxurious, tremendous and enjoyable place for celebrating the special and precious life events. Pink Pearl Hotel, Jaipur:Pink Pearl Hotel is the ideal address of the pink city in Rajasthan. It is just 15 minutes away from the city center with beautiful views, business and recreational facilities with finest hospitality and services. It provides Conference Hall, Egyptian Restaurant, Gothic Restaurant, Cinnamon Restaurant, Discotheque Cum Bar, and Gymnasium.  Pink Pearl Hotel also has a Punjabi themed place named Chokha Punjab, beautifully designed authentic place where people can enjoy delicious and mouthwatering Punjabi food with the charismatic “Bhangra” performances and live cultural programs.  Desert Camp, Jaipur:Chokhi Dhani Luxury Desert Camp & Village Fair, Jaisalmer has been the speculum of Rajasthan’s rich culture and tradition. The desert camps has luxurious water proof tents with its spacious Verandah, bedrooms & suites. People there can experience the desert safari situated near Sam Sand Dunes, ventures to bring its guests exotic, enthralling & exciting desert life.  Chokhi Dhani Village Fair & Restaurants:Chokhi Dhani provides its traditional foods and culture in the form of its restraint chains spreading over many places like Jaipur, Pune, Chennai, Panchkula, Sonipat and Surat. Village fair and Restaurants is the franchises with the concept of spreading the Rajasthani culture in all over the nation which is still promoting to conserve the rich Culture of India. It also provides unique experiences of rides like ‘Camel Ride’, which is the most popular ride in Chokhi Dhani Village.  ‘Elephant Ride’ which makes people to have a princely feeling.’Bullock Cart Ride’ which is developed in the Indus Valley civilization and also known to be the first and oldest vehicle to be on the wheels still existing. Still, it is being used in the rural India as the mode of business transport and on regular basis in remote Indian villages. ‘Horse Ride’ to give experience on the back of well cared Horses.’Boat Ride – Tal Talaiya’ gives a great experience of boating in the Chokhi Dhani’s Lake called as Tal Talaiya. It also has a waterfall at the end adds a right touch of romance to the scenery. Chokhi Dhani has many places for hangouts which people love to visit in their spare time like:Haldi Ghati: Chokhi Dhani has recreated the scene of an epic battle of haldi ghati and its glorious history.Rathkhana: It is a place where people can see the displays of old chariots which are also known as ‘Raths’.Jungle Devta: Here people dances on the drum beats of the forest dwellers and take some snaps with the Jungle Devta.Tejaji Temple: Veer Tejaji temple is worshiped with full divinity. He was a legendary Rajasthani hero & believed to be incarnation of lord Shiva. Other Ventures of Chokhi DhaniKalagram: It is an innovation of Chokhi Dhani Group, renowned for its hospitality and theme village ventures across India. Kalagram is known to be the largest and most original retail handicraft village at Jaipur and now Kalagram also have the Kalagram E-commerce website which offers more than 10,000 arts and crafts of Incredible India, available to homes and offices.India has a rich assortment in its handicrafts through its lifestyle, décor, clothing, architecture, home-furnishing or just the daily accessories.The culture’s innovative and unique identity is so expensive to be created on a single platform for all arts and crafts to be displayed but Chokhi Dhani Group has done a task that no other entity could do! Kalagram believes that their quality and price is driven by their core policies of best price and customer satisfaction and sustainability for the Indian artisans.