Characters in To Kill a Mockingbird

“Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us to try not to win.” In ‘To kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, a white man named Atticus Finch, father of Scout and Jem and well known in the community of Macomb, Alabama, was the lawyer for a black man named Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson was accused of raping a white woman named Mayella Ewell.Macomb was a very racist community which meant they would think and act differently towards Atticus for taking this case.In my opinion, it makes sense for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson because regardless of what others may think, he believes in standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves.

The first reason it makes sense for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson is because living in a racist community, he is not able to stand up for himself.For one reason to prove this is when Walter Cunningham and an angry mob came to kill Tom Robinson Atticus was there standing up against the angry mob. “you know what we want” “you can turn around and go home Walter” (202). Scout Finch Atticus’s daughter takes a stand for her own father who at the same time is taking a stand for Tom Robinson. The thing she does is draw the angry mobs attention off her father and bring the attention to her.”Hey Mr.Cunningham hows your entailment getting along?” (205).This shows that by Atticus taking a stand he is also teaching his children to take a stand.The next person who decides to take a stand is Jem Finch .Jem decides to take a stand for Atticus because Mrs.Henry Lafayette Dubose said that Atticus laws for niggers and trash.”She said you lawed for niggers and trash “(137). This proves that Atticus and his family aren’t reflected well by this case.

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A second reason it makes sense for Atticus to defend Tom Robinson is that Atticus is a man that doesn’t let people get treated unfairly. Atticus is a role model to those who know him. Taking a stand is one of…