CHARACTER mission: small bonus ? Fall over: small

CHARACTER SKILLS Each of the three main playable characters has eight different skills. The stats of these skills can be enhanced through different aspects of gameplay. Each character has different starting stats, the highest of which reflect their Special skill. For example, Trevor has a much higher Flying ability, Franklin has a higher Driving ability and Michael has a higher Shooting ability. TREVOR SPECIAL SKILL: INVULNERABILITY While his Special ability is active, Trevor can take an excessive amount of damage without dying. By enhancing this skill, you increase its maximum storage capacity, which directly affects its duration. Trevor’s Special skill lasts for 30 seconds when the Stat Bar for Special skill has been max’d out. INCREASING SPECIAL SKILL Things that make Trevor angry increase his Special. The following events increase Trevor’s Invulnerability Special skill in varying amounts:  ? Bumping into ped: small bonus ? Head shot: 7.5% bonus ? Kill at least one ped in explosion: 15% bonus ? Maintaining high speeds in vehicles: small bonus ? Failing a mission: small bonus ? Fall over: small bonus ? Take damage: small bonus ? Rammed by vehicle: small bonus MICHAEL SPECIAL SKILL: AREA KILL While his Special ability is active, Michael enters a bullet-time-like effect, allowing him to slow time and gain the advantage in shootouts. By enhancing this skill, you increase its maximum storage capacity, which directly affects its duration. Michael’s Special skill lasts for 30 seconds when the Stat Bar for Special skill has been max’d out. FRANKLIN SPECIAL SKILL: IMPROVED DRIVING HANDLING While his Special ability is active, Franklin can slow down time behind the wheel of any four-wheeled vehicle or motorcycle. This allows him to easily take corners at full speed and escape possible accidents with ease. By enhancing this skill, you increase its maximum storage capacity, which directly affects its duration. Franklin’s Special begins at 1/3 of maximum capacity, which lasts 30 seconds. INCREASING SPECIAL SKILL Extreme driving situations increase Franklin’s Special. The following events increase Franklin’s Driving Special skill in varying amounts:  ? Near vehicle miss: small bonus ? Drifting: continuous bonus ? Driving through oncoming traffic, continuous bonus ? Driving at or above 90% of vehicle’s top speed: continuous bonus STAMINA Stamina allows you to sprint for longer periods of time at full speed before losing health due to over-exertion. This includes running, swimming, and cycling. This skill is increased by 1 % for every 17m (18 yards) ran, every minute swam, and every minute cycled. Participating in Triathlons is a great way to increase this ability. SHOOTING Weapon accuracy, max ammo capacity, reload speed, and crosshair movement improve as the Shooting stat increases. Also, the more you increase the Shooting ability stat, the more recoil is reduced while shooting weapons. This is increased quicker by landing hits on enemies, scoring headshots, and successfully completing Shooting Range challenges. This skill is increased by 3% for every GOLD challenge completed; 2% for every SILVER challenge completed; and 1 % for every BRONZE challenge completed.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx STRENGTH STEALTH t Building Strength increases your melee damage, and allows you to take more damage, such as falling from higher places without much consequence. It also allows you to climb ladders 10% quicker once maxed. Strength is increased 1 % for every 20 punches. Playing sports (Golf, Tennis, Darts) also increases strength, allowing you to drive a golf ball further and hit a tennis ball faster. Using Stealth mode and performing Stealth takedowns increases the Stealth stat, which allows for quicker movement while in Stealth mode and quieter movement in or out of Stealth mode. This skill increases by 1 % for every 45 meters (49 yards) walked in Stealth mode, and 1.5% for every 2 stealth kills. Increasing your Stealth ability reduces the noise radius while in Stealth mode and also when moving normally. FLYING Increasing your Flying skills reduces turbulence when flying and makes for easier handling and takeoffs. The following actions increase flying skills: DRIVING Increasing your Driving skill provides greater control of a vehicle in the air and lets you pull longer wheelies. You can increase the Driving skill by 1 % for every 10 seconds of wheelie action, and an additional 1 % for every second spent in the air in a vehicle or four-wheel landing. Performing Stunt Jumps with four-wheel landings gives you the greatest boost to this skill. LUNG CAPACITY Increasing your Lung Capacity stat allows you to stay underwater for longer periods of time. This stat is increased by 1 % for every minute spent underwater. WEAPONS The weapon wheel is divided into eight categories: Hand Guns, Submachine Guns & Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Melee, Shotguns, Heavy, and Projectiles. To bring up the weapon wheel, press the LI button (PS3) or the LB button (Xbox 360). Use Left or Right on the D-pad to scroll through the different weapons within a weapon slot. You can also quick-select the weapon currently selected by tapping the LI button (PS3) or LB button (Xbox 360). Much like everything else in Grand Theft Auto V, the weapons have base stats. These stats can be enhanced with upgrades by purchasing attachments at Ammu-Nations. To increase your character’s shooting skills, shoot people on and off missions (on missions increases the skill at a higher rate). Also, see Shooting Range in Hobbies and Pastimes. ?)£ FULL AMMO PURCHASE To quickly fill the ammo capacity of your desired weapon class, visit an Ammu-Nation and select one weapon from that weapon class and enter the upgrade menu. Select “rounds” or “cartridge” and press the Toggle button. (|| on Xbox 360 or <||on PS3). This will change the ammo line to the "Full ammo" option and also display the price to max the ammo for that weapon class. Confirm the purchase with the Buy button. This is much quicker than continuing to purchase sets of rounds until the weapon class is full of ammo.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHEALTH, ARMOR, & SPECIALTY METER HEALTH Your character's Health, Armor, and Special ability meter appear in the bar just below the radar in the bottom-left corner of the screen. The first portion of the bar (on the left) is your Health meter. When fully lit green, you have full Health. The light green drains and reveals dark green as you take damage. If you continue to take damage or sprint for longer than your stamina allows, this meter dips into red as your Health drops. And if you continue to take damage, the red empties and you become wasted—you wake up at a hospital and a fee is automatically deducted (this fee is larger if you have died while resisting arrest). You receive automatic Health regeneration only up to 50% percent. Every time your Health dips below 50%, it slowly regenerates back up to the 50% mark. After that, you need to replenish with First Aid Kits or by consuming food or drink to bump it up to 100%. ARMOR The smaller blue bar (in the middle) represents your Armor status. This is light blue when Armor is full, and dark blue when Armor is nonexistent. Your Armor is your first line of defense when it comes to getting shot. Your Armor takes the hit first, and then your Health. You can find a few Armor pickups around the map (see Weapon and Armor map), but the easiest way to get Armor is to buy it from Ammu-Nation. They have several qualities available: Super Light Armor, Light Armor, Standard Armor, Heavy Armor, and Super Heavy Armor. SPECIALTY METER  Specialty meter is the yellow bar on the far-right end of the meter, below the radar. Filling this gauge is different for each character. See "Character Skills" at the beginning of this chapter for information on filling this meter. When full, the meter is a bright yellow; as it drains, it reveals a darker yellow color. F Lung Capacity While in water, the Specialty meter becomes your Lung Capacity meter. If you're underwater longer than your Lung Capacity allows, the meter drains and begins to decrease your health. GETTING AROUND GRAND THEFT AUTO In Grand Theft Auto V, the easiest way to get around is to use a vehicle given to the character or, when that's not available, steal one—hence the name of the game. Some cars are locked and require a window smash and a little hotwiring (all automatic). A car alarm often sounds when this method is implemented. If so, we suggest not driving away (if you have the luxury of time) because you could drive into a policeman's earshot and a one-star Wanted Level would be given. Sometimes, if you're going to jack a car, it's easier to throw a driver out to avoid smashing, hotwiring, and alarms. PERSONAL VEHICLE Each character having their own vehicle is a change for the series. This is nice because you can also upgrade vehicles. And if you've spent a lot of money on upgrades and lose your vehicle (maybe it's not where you left it after completing a mission), you can get your vehicle out of the police Vehicle Impound Lot for ! a small fee. Each character can also purchase a special garage where they can store stolen vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles, along with those purchased from in-game car sale websites. See Vehicle Showroom for more details. * TAXI You can hail a cab by whistling when one is within range. If you can't find a cab, use the Downtown Cab Co. contact on your phone to get one to come to you. To hail a cab, press Right on the D-pad-your character will whistle. Once in the cab, use the cab menu to reach one of the many destination options. TRAINS You can catch trains in subway areas by entering the train when the doors open. You do not select your destination in a train; you simply ride it as long as desired. You can also catch locomotive-style trains out in the environment by pressing the ClimbA/ault button while close to the train. If the train is moving, your character reaches out and grabs onto the train-this is a great way to lose the heat if you're on foot. WATER VEHICLES If you are traveling on or underwater, there are boats, jet skis, submersibles, and scuba gear for deep sea diving, which makes finding collectibles that are underwater a lot easier. See our Vehicle Showroom for a list of all water vehicles. You can purchase a boat slip for each character to store stolen vessels, as well as those purchased on the in-game boat website. AIR TRAVEL When taking to the skies, you have a few options. There are a wide variety of airplanes and helicopters at your disposal. You have the option to own your own helipad and hangar to store stolen or web-purchased aircraft. There are also parachutes available at Ammu-Nation with a large selection of smoke color options. We strongly suggest going to Flight School as soon as the option becomes available.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWANTED LEVEL * In Grand Theft Auto V, certain in-game actions cause a Wanted Level. The Wanted Level ranges from one to five stars and is tied to an escalating police response; the higher the Wanted Level, the less likely it is that you may evade capture. If you are captured, you have the option to start the mission over from the beginning or restart from the last checkpoint. Wanted Levels are given if you are seen committing a crime by a non-player character. The more serious and more frequent the offense, the quicker you earn a Wanted Level or advance an existing one. For example, assaulting a police officer will result in a higher Wanted Level than assaulting a pedestrian. When you commit certain acts, such as murder or assault, a corresponding number of flashing stars appears in the upper-right corner of the screen. The minimap flashes red and blue to indicate that the police are looking for you. If the police spot you, the stars become solid white and the police give pursuit. Even if you can gain sufficient distance from your pursers, you remain "wanted" for a set period of time or until certain evasive actions are taken.? A solitary police officer calls for backup. ? Police fire on you regardless of whether or not you have a weapon out ? Police try to establish line of sight, either on foot or in police cruisers. ? When pursuing in cars, police drive faster and more aggressively than during a one-star Wanted Level. ? Police attempt to block your vehicle with their cruisers. ? Shooting at or killing a police officer results in an automatic three-star Wanted Level. 4 ? Vehicles used: Police Cruiser, Maverick Helicopter, Sheriff Cruiser. ? Police shoot if threatened with a vehicle or a weapon. ? At night, a police helicopter will track you with a spotlight. ? Police try to arrest you. If arrested, you resume play from a nearby police station, penalized by losing cash and all your ammo. ? If the police pursuit ends in your death, you restart with a greater financial penalty leaving the hospital than if you had been arrested. ? Police try to establish line of sight, either on foot or in police cruisers. These are the sight cones seen on the radar. Avoid the sight cones. ? Vehicles used: Police Cruiser, Maverick Helicopter, and Sheriff Cruiser. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1 StarThis is the least extensive level of police response. These are given by fighting or killing civilians, shooting in public, or causing explosions in public. Witnesses phone in crimes to the police, resulting in a one-star Wanted Level. Violent actions may result in a Wanted Level, but so do certain nonviolent actions, such as pulling up behind a police cruiser and honking antagonistically or standing too close to a cop without moving after being warned. Bumping into police vehicles with your own is yet another way to get a Wanted Level. Here is what to expect during a one-star Wanted Level In rural or wilderness areas, you may still be reported for a crime, though there are fewer pedestrians to witness it. Witnesses phone in crimes, & with the same resulting penalties as if in Los Santos; however, the response time is slower. In the countryside, sheriffs take the place of city police. Security guards and park rangers patrol certain areas on the outskirts of the city, and they respond to trespassers or to criminal activity, sometimes aggressively. Wanted Levels often play a part in missions. The successful completion of some missions relies on you not obtaining a Wanted Level or losing the Wanted Level before completing the mission. Other times, a Wanted Level plays a role at the end of a mission, as your character and your crew escape authorities. These Wanted Levels start at a specified rating, and can be escalated through your actions. You need to evade pursuit to complete the mission. During these missions, actions that would normally produce a Wanted Level—for example killing an innocent bystander—will not trigger a Wanted Level at all.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 STARS If you have a one-star Wanted Level, the following actions increase it to two stars: evading the police in a vehicle; hitting a civilian or another car with your vehicle; lengthy pursuit by police; threatening police with a weapon; trespassing into Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Avoiding being busted or killed by police while remaining in their line of sight for a period of time increases your Wanted Level to two stars as more officers become involved in the attempt to apprehend you. The extent of the police response pursuing you is increased during a two-star Wanted Level. Here is what to expect: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3 stars Shooting at or killing a police officer automatically earns a three-star Wanted Level. Trespassing on Los Santos International Airport's tarmac area gets you an automatic three-star Wanted Level.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFIVE STARS Continuing to antagonize the police during a four-star Wanted Level warrants a five-star Wanted Level. This is the most extensive level of police response. ^xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPolice shoot to kill. If the helicopter spots you, other police forces relocate their search for you in that area. ? Police display tactical awareness of their environment and move to locations that grant better lines of sight on you. ? Police in cruisers drive more aggressively and attempt to ram your vehicle. ? Police set up roadblocks to try to stop your vehicle. ? The extent of the police response pursuing you is increased. ? Vehicles used: Police Cruiser, Police Transporter, Maverick Helicopter, Sheriff Cruiser, Predator Boat (if you are traveling in water). ? Two police sharpshooters fire at you with assault rifles from the open doors of the helicopter. FOUR STARS ? Multiple police helicopters pursue you. ? Police and FIB try to disable your vehicle with gunfire. ? Police and FIB drive very aggressively and attempt to disable your vehicle by causing it to spin out or inadvertently rear-end a response vehicle. ? The large number of police and FIB teams make it very difficult for you to traverse the city unopposed and undetected. ? NOOSE agents set up vehicle roadblocks randomly. ? Vehicles used: Police Cruiser, Police Transporter, Police Riot, Maverick Helicopter, FIB Cruiser, FIB SUV, Sheriff Cruiser, Sheriff SUV, Predator Boat (if traveling by water)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx