Character Analysis – Candy in Of Mice and Men

The book Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck, is a novel about friendships. The topic of friendship seems to slip the mind of a few characters but it’s also very important to others. To the old, wise man Candy, the friendship between him and his dog is the most important thing in this world. This book takes place in the mid 1930s which was the time of the Great Depression and segregation. Jobs were scarce and people were treated unfairly. In this book you get a taste of the fight for money and the importance of friendship.

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In this book the character Candy plays an important role. He is by far the oldest out of all the characters therefore he has the most wisdom and experience. He has also been working at the ranch the longest out of everyone.Candy had an accident and had lost his hand by getting it caught in one of the machines, therefore leaving him less useful.

Candy’s best friend was his dog, his dog didn’t have a name in the book. Candy was there with this dog from the moment it was born and raised it himself. The dog was Candy’s working partner, the dog used to help him heard sheep and would follow him everywhere he went. His dog wasn’t just a dog to Candy. It was his best friend and even treated it like his child. Sadly, this dog was just as old as Candy and wasn’t doing so well. Everyone else in the bunk house thought the dog smelled and was already in lots of pain. The dog couldn’t work anymore and just kind of limped around behind Candy. They thought it would be better to put Candy’s dog out of its misery and just put it down. Except, they didn’t really ask Candy’sopinion on it because they knew he would say he wasn’t ready. All they asked was who would he want to do it or does he want to do it himself. At that moment Candy thought it would be too hard to do it himself so he just let it happen. Later in the book, though, Candy regrets not taking the life from his best friend himself and being…