Character Analysis – A Long Way Gone

Ms. Esther is a nurse working at the rehabilitation centre. She is a young adult who lives in Sierra Leone. There is minimal information on Ms. Esther. She works at Benin home which is where she met Ishmeal Beah, one of the patients. Her love and compassion make him open up. Ms. Esther has fatigue and depression and it is thought to be due to the different stories she hears from her patients. The three tests that will contribute to her diagnosis are: dream analysis, word association, and the Rorschach test.

For dream analysis, Ms. Esther was asked to share with me one of her dreams, this would help to take a glance at her unconscious mind. After finishing the dream that she had about war, she started talking about Ishmael and his story, “…she had tears in her eyes and she couldn’t decide whether to rub my head or hug me”(Beah 193). This evidence that proves that her depression was caused because of the sympathetic stories she hears on a daily basis, as that of Ishmael. Her sickness was from her being extra compassionate and sensitive, it seems that Ishmael’s story left a deep scar in her.

The second test performed was the word association, this test can also help reveal information from Ms. Esther subconscious. Ms Esther was given optimistic words such as happy, love, life…but she associated those words with extremely pessimistic words that are related to war and death.” You were just a little boy… It is not your fault” (Beah 193), this shows the her innocence and fear. She was afraid of not being safe, of the war. Again this test displayed Ms. Esther’s inner destruction due to the war. Her diagnosis was proved to be caused by her vulnerability, innocence and fear.

The third and final test performed was the Rorschach test, this test would expose her inner beliefs and her imagination. She was showed random ink blots on the screen and she was asked to pick whatever she believes they look like. Most of her answers conveyed dull…