Changing more time consuming and why they need

Changing ParadigmsPublic education is important for all people on the earth. This is because of two reasons: we need to educate our children to take their place in the economies of the 21st century; we cannot estimate what the economy will look like at the end of next week. The second reason is cultural identity and the globalization. We need to know where we are and how much small the world is? Now we can do in the future according to what we do in the past. In past, we have alienating millions of kids as they learn hard work to get good jobs. Now our kids don’t believe that all such hard work and college education can bring more changes. We have improve standards that why we are getting education. The current of education is differentiated for different age. This includes intellectual culture and economic circumstances. In the mid of 19th century there was no system of public education. After that it was revolutionary idea that public education paid for by taxation, compulsory to everyone, and free at the time of delivery. May people argue that public education is more time consuming and why they need to spend their time.  There are assumptions of social structures and capacity to drive the economic imperative of the time. This shaped the intellectual model of mind. This creates deductive reasoning and enhances the academic ability.  This creates tow type of people, academic and non-academic people. The public education is divided in the economic model and intellectual model. So in the Modern Epidemic the kinds are medicated for certain jobs. These kids are involved in different activities through social media; they are engaged in the bored lectures. These kinds are using drugs to keep their focus on their work. Kinds have shutting their senses just to get only education we decided for them. Education is modeled on the interests of industrialization. We are more standardized what to education kids in the schools so that they can be a good part of the industries.  This is about the change in paradigm by diverging thinking which is based on the creativity with original ideas. This is the ability to see the things in multiple ways. This includes collaboration as the stuff of growth. It creates the cultures of our institutions.