Case Study on Total Recall of Firestone Tires

Hazel’s customer would Judge the quality of her lawn care service based on her knowledge and experience in lawn service as well as based on her performance in owing her Job, on how efficient and effective she is. In addition, Hazel needs to make sure the quality of her lawn service meets the customer’s satisfaction and have the price at a reasonable cost. 2. Hazel is the operations manager of her business. Among her responsibilities are forecasting, inventory management, scheduling, quality assurance, and maintenance. A. What kinds of things would likely require forecasts?

Hazel should forecast the demand of her customers when it comes with the booking of the Schedule, She also have to predict the inventory of her supply such as fertilizers and tools she needs for the Job Ordering of supplies Hazel could use forecasting on her manpower, whether she needs to hire additional helpers or not which depends on the demands of her clients b. What inventory items does Hazel probably have? Name one inventory decision that she has to make periodically. Fertilizer; grass and seeds as well as other equipment and tools like lawn mowers, string trimmers and other equipment use d in lawn services.

One inventory decision that hazel has to make periodically is the inventory of her seeds and fertilizers so that she will monitor the ordering of these materials. C. What scheduling must she do? What things might occur to disrupt schedules and cause Hazel to reschedule? She must do the scheduling in an appropriate manner, since she has two (2) helpers she can dispatch them in different customers. She had to make sure that she allows enough time to do their Job very well which includes the travel time allowance.

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In addition, once appointments are set for each employee she has to assign the time slots between herself and her workers. Things might occur to disrupt schedules and cause Hazel to reschedule are: 1) If one of her employee is absent or gets sick; 2) equipment failure; 3) weather condition; and 4) Lack of stock . How important is quality assurance to Hazel’s business? Explain. Quality assurance is very essential on her business because, this will be the basis of her clients whether they will need her services again or not.

Based on the quality of services as well as based on the performance and outcomes of their Job, customers will come asking for her services and they can refer her business to their friends and once her business becomes in demand, she could then raise her prices. She should maintain the credibility of her business She should also make sure that her lawn equipment is always in good condition 3. What are some of the trade-offs that Hazel probably considered relative to: a. Working for a company instead of for herself?

If she works for a company, she is not sure on the security of tenure, the company may close or downsize; and she should commit all her time on the company during office hours while if she has her own business she will live her life thru her income and she can manage her own time. There may be less stress when she has her business compared to the stressed world of the company. She is the boss in her own business b. Expanding the business? Big investments She will need additional employee She have to develop her analytical and good decision making skills 4.

The town is considering an ordinance that would prohibit putting grass clippings at the curb for pickup because local landfills cannot handle the volume. What options might Hazel consider if the ordinance is passed? Name two advantages and two drawbacks of each option. She can switch to other business like flower shop: Advantage: She could still earn income She could continue what she has started and use some materials like fertilizers Disadvantages: need additional investment need to gain knowledge in the said business, to attend training and seminars guarding that 5.