Cantebury Tales: The Wife of Bath and The Prioress

?In The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, many characters are portrayed in the prologue in the mission of going on a pilgrimage. Chaucer was very careful to create characters that would show exactly how the people of his day lived and what their backgrounds together with their mannerisms were. Among all these characters, two amazing women are described in a very detailed way. The first was a Nun, a Prioress who was very elegant and highly mannered. The second woman came to be known as the Wife of Bath and she was extremely skilled in her art. These amazing women were the typical women that one would see in the streets in the era of The Middle Ages. The Prioress and the Wife of Bath had various differences and a few similarities throughout the prologue in The Canterbury Tales.

Firstly, looking at the Prioress and the Nun, it can be seen that there were just very few similarities between them. The first similarity between these women was their humble yet dignifying apparel. The Prioress wore a cloak that was “filled with charm” and the Wife of Bath used kerchiefs that were of “finely woven ground”. Moreover, their appearance was quite similar since both of them were characterized with a beautiful face. The prioress was described with hair that was spread and a nose that was elegant. Likewise, the Wife of bath was portrayed with a bold face, which was handsome and red in hue. Their appearance was quite similar. Overall, their appearance might’ve been their only similarity.

Lastly, when both these women are analyzed, many differences emerge from their personality and their backgrounds. The first obvious difference was that the prioress was a Nun basically meaning that she decided to give up a married life to have a closer relationship to God. The Wife of Bath was different because she had chosen to lead a married life with 5 husbands to be exact plus, she had “other company in youth”. Therefore, both these women had a di…