Cancer to treat some types of cancer and

Cancer is one of the top ten causes of death and after years of research and studies, we now have ways to cure various types of cancers. Au-198 is a nuclear medicine which is mainly used to treat some types of cancer and help to fight diseases. It is mainly used in curing prostate, cervix and bladder cancer as it has a very short half-life of 2.7 days, so it can be used in high dosages and it is able to deliver radiation very quickly to help cure and fight the cancer cells. Plus, Au-198 has less amount of radiation compared to radium which means that the body will be exposed to fewer amounts of radiation and this will bring less harm to the body. Recently, scientists have studied Au-198 and created nanoparticles for a dose which includes gold nanoparticles and a special compound which is found from tea leaves to treat prostate cancer. As this new dose is still in the research phase, doctors still have to inject more than a hundred radioactive “seeds” into the prostate which takes a dose for each seed. Unfortunately, these seeds can only be injected into and used on a patient if they don’t have an aggressive and serious type of prostate cancer as this, or the seeds won’t be able to help stop and remove the tumor. In order for the new dose to work efficiently, scientists have to create the dose a thousand times smaller than chemotherapy. So that when the dose is injected into a patient’s body, it won’t attack and harm any healthy parts of the body. A test on a patient has shown that the new dosage has effectively reduced the size of a patient’s tumor in twenty-eight days because of the nanoparticles’ size and its ability to stay near the tumor. After twenty-eight days, the nanoparticles will eventually have worn off and no harm will be brought to the body afterward as well.Even though Au-198 can eliminate tumors more quickly and efficiently, it still has an amount of radiation in the element and using it often may lead to giving a person radiation sickness. This can cause both simple and severe symptoms depending on how serious the situation is, some of which include nausea, spontaneous bleeding, and fevers. If it is even more serious, there is a chance of death. Another problem of Au-198 is when you retrieve the gold nanoparticles, it will affect the organisms and it also may affect the ecosystems around that area. Also, producing and retrieving these nanoparticles have a chance to release nano-pollution and they are released into the environment and are able to harm people who breathe it in. In conclusion, using Au-198 to cure prostate, cervix and bladder cancer is an efficient way to cure these types of cancer. But, there is a chance that it will affect your body as there is still an amount of radiation, which means that high dosages may lead to radiation sickness. Also, using this can also affect the environment as it is able to affect ecosystems around the area and manufacturing may cause and release nano-pollution into the air, harming the people who breathe it into their bodies. Overall, Au-198 is a good way to cure these types of cancer as efficiently as possible. But before you use this dosage, think carefully about the risks before you actually make a decision on doing so or not.