Business the price as they are just very


Business laptops usually raise a lot of
mixed feelings among buyers. While it has a high performance and  its design is thinner and lightweight to help
with easy carriage, it comes across as ostentatious due to its price. However,
once in a while some laptops can make you look beyond the price as they are
just very impressive. The HO elite x360 1020 Business notebook is probably one
of these. For people seeking to spend some money on this product, you’re
probably trying to get more information about this product to ensure you’ll get
your money’s worth. Here are a few things to note about this HP elite business
notebook that might help in your decision making.

1.     Design :  Now if you’re looking for a
great looking laptop to sit on your office desk, this would be a great option.
It is clean and light, with hp’s reflective logo on a smooth aluminium finish. At
the top and bottom of  the display, there
are thick bezels.  It also has a silvery
aluminium deck with speakers above the keyboard, lines forming triangles and
diamond shapes. It is light, weighing about 2.5 pounds and having a thickness
of 0.5inches. It is  also very
attractive, you’ll definitely get compliments on it from your colleagues. On
the right side of the laptop there are  2
thunderbolt 3 ports and one HDMI output, while a headphone jack and a lock slot
are located on the left.

2.     Display: This elitebook comes with a 12.5inch 1080p display. It portrays very
bold colours and is very bright too. Its great for watching movies due to its
“HD” effect. It is in-fact brighter than a lot of other laptops in its range
and can only Compete with the Macbook which has 340nits as against its 335nits.

3.     Audio: This HP EliteBook laptop speakers are very loud and clear and great
to watch YouTube videos with. Hp’s collaboration with Bang and Olufsen
continues to yield great results. Playing music on the laptop feels good too,
as the sound totally fills the room and gives great vibes. Another awesome take
home is you could actually use the Bang and olufsen app to tweak the sound
based on genres or you can just simply stick to the default sound settings.

4.     Performance: For an Office use, performance is probably one of the most
important things you’ll be looking out for in a laptop. Hp elite x360 1020 brings
high performance to the table. It comes with an Intel Core i5-7300U CPU, 8GB
RAM and 256GB SSD. With these, multi tasking on your laptop doesn’t have to be
an issue. The speed is also puzzling as it can transfer at a rate of 282mb per
second for an average 4.97GB file. MacBook still tops in the area of speed but
the ho business laptop leaves a lot others behind. The integrated graphics is
rated at 75,628 on 3DMark  Ice storm
graphics test which is pretty much above the average score.

5.     Battery Life: This is a concern especially if you need to use your laptop on the
go, where there’s no access to a power source. Well, the hp elitebook can last
through the normal work hours but maybe not for extra hours. Considering the
battery span of its counterparts in the market, it is still very much impressive
except bowing out to a few like the Dell Latitude and Macbook.

6.     Keyboard  and Touchpad :
This is also an important feature for productivity in the office space . The
elitebook keyboard keys are pretty responsive, you do not have to push for so
long to get an appropriate feedback. There are also additional key functions to
suit the business life like a pickup and hang up option and also a button for
sharing screens on office skype.

Overall the hp elitebook has great reviews
and can stand the test of time. It’s so good looking and trendy, making its
owners proud to have one. Its functionalities and performance is one of the best
in the market, well crafted to suit your everyday  business needs. If you’re looking to purchase
an office laptop, this is worth a try as long as you can afford it. Whether
you’re after quality of sound or display, or you’re all into speed and all the
geeky aspects of personal computers, the hp elitebook will beat your
imagination. Its battery life is not the best in the market, but it’s averagely
okay for a good day’s use. A business laptop should be easy to carry along and
sleek too, in this aspect, the hp elitebook remains almost flawless.