Breakdance have guessed it correctly, my topic is


Specific purpose: To
inform my audience about the art of breakdancing

Thesis Statement: Breakdancing,
is the form of art with a physical form of expression that requires a degree of
commitment and passion.



(Short BBoy moves) (catch attention)

1.     Yes, you have guessed it
correctly, my topic is about breakdance

2.     Breakdance is a vibrant
art that is popular around the world which continues to grow.

3.     It has its own different
and unique moves

4.      And has gained huge attention of others and
therefore has been expanding rapidly around the world ever since the late 90’s.

5.     Breakdance can be seen in
many dance performance and it is popular in the entertainment industry.

6.     Have you ever thought of
learning breakdance?

7.     I’m interested, and I
have done research on this topic because I have started learning breakdancing
at the age of 14 and find it an enjoyable.

Today, I’d like to share with you about the origin of
breakdance, what are the common moves and the world-famous B-boy Hong10.



Origin of bboy

  According to Wikipedia, breakdance
originated from African American and Latin American youths in New York City
during the early 1970s.

Bboy is a street dance
style that have evolved through the part of hip hop movement

It is also known as
the best of all hip-hop dance styles. A break-dancer is also known as a B-boy /

Common type
of bboy moves

Toprock is one of the
most common moves in battle also known as footwork, where it is often used to
carve out space in the circle to build momentum and grab attention.

Did you know that
toprock is a dance move where break-dancer provoke each other during the

Power-Moves is one of
the most popular moves in breakdance where there are 4 types (airflare, flare,
headspin and Windmill) have a great impact in the battle outcome. One of the
most energetic moves in battle and as long the move is clean, fast and unique,
you win in breakdance battle round. Power moves is one of the most advance move
require spinning which are more closely related to gymnastic moves rather than
dancing as it doesn’t follow the rhythm.

Freeze – which is
known as the final movement of the dance to showcase your timing and strength.
And during the freeze it is indirect saying, ‘Deal with it.’ It’s a challenge.”
during battle.


Famous Breakdancer – Hong10

His name was Kim Hong
Yeol as Yeol have the same pronunciation for number 10 in Korean therefore
everyone called him Hong10

He was inspired by a
video his friend shows him and started breakdancing with his friend at the age
of 16.

Today Hong10 is
recognized as one of the most creative and strength driven bboy in the world.
He even invented his own move which named after him which is Hong10 Freeze.

And he is a 3-time Red
Bull BC One World Champion for 2006, 2013 & 2016.

His battle strategy to
win is to know his opponents and to be flexible and responsive to their attack.
He ensures that his stamina can last him till the last round of the

His motto is “always being
the best that he can – no slacking”


 If B-boying is an
art form, Hey, let me express myself through this artform.’ I do believe that
B-boying is a Dance, Artform, Culture and a Game. That is what makes it so
special, the fact that it can be all of them at the same time.” – BBoy Dyzee



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