Book Report Romeo Juliet

[pic] English Book Report Romeo and Juliet [pic] By: English Class Mrs. Perez Characters: Romeo-Son of Montague who falls in love with Juliet Montague-Head of the family who is at war with the Capulets and father to Romeo Lady Montague-Wife to Lord Montague and mother to Romeo Mercutio-A kinsman to the prince and a friend to Romeo Benvolio-A gentle and peace-loving young man who is nephew to Montague and a friend to Romeo Balthasar-A loyal friend and servant to Romeo Abram-A servant of the Montague family Juliet- Daughter of Capulet who falls in love with Romeo

Capulet- Head of the family who is in war with the Montague and father of Juliet Lady Capulet-Wife of Capulet and mother of Juliet Nurse- Juliet nurse who is almost like her mother Tybalt- Nephew of Lady Capulet enemy of Romeo Paris- was going to get marry with Juliet but he didn’t knew that she didn’t love him Friar Laurence- Priest that marries Romeo and Juliet also the one who made the letter who wasn’t delivered Summary: The play begins with a large fight between the Capulets and the Montagues, two prestigious families in Verona, Italy.

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These families have been fighting for quite some time, and the Prince declares that their next public brawl will be punished by death. When the fight is over, Romeo’s cousin Benvolio tries to cheer him of his melancholy. Romeo reveals that he is in love with a woman named Rosaline, but she has chosen to live a life of chastity. Romeo and Benvolio are accidentally invited to their enemy’s party; Benvolio convinces Romeo to go. At the party, Romeo locks eyes with a young woman named Juliet. They instantly fall in love, but they do not realize that their families are mortal enemies.

When they realize each other’s identities, they are devastated, but they cannot help the way that they feel. Romeo sneaks into Juliet’s yard after the party and proclaims his love for her. She returns his sentiments and the two decide to marry. The next day, Romeo and Juliet are married by Friar Lawrence; an event witnessed by Juliet’s Nurse and Romeo’s loyal servant, Balthasar. They plan to meet in Juliet’s chambers that night. Romeo visits his best friend Mercutio and his cousin Benvolio but his good mood is cutailed. Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, starts a verbal quarrel with Romeo, which soon turns into a duel with Mercutio.

Romeo tries to stop the fight but it is too late: Tybalt kills Mercutio. Romeo, enraged, retaliates by killing Tybalt. Once Romeo realizes the consequences of his actions, he hides at Friar Lawrence’s cell. Friar Lawrence informs Romeo that he has been banished from Verona and will be killed if he stays. The Friar suggests Romeo spend the night with Juliet, then leave for Mantua in the morning. He tells Romeo that he will attempt to settle the Capulet and Montague dispute so Romeo can later return to a united family. Romeo takes his advice, spending one night with Juliet before fleeing Verona.

Juliet’s mother, completely unaware of her daughter’s secret marriage to Romeo, informs Juliet that she will marry a man named Paris in a few days. Juliet, outraged, refuses to comply. Her parents tell her that she must marry Paris and the Nurse agrees with them. Juliet asks Friar Lawrence for advice, insisting she would rather die than marry Paris. Fr. Lawrence gives Juliet a potion which will make her appear dead and tells her to take it the night before the wedding. He promises to send word to Romeo – intending the two lovers be reunited in the Capulet vault.

Juliet drinks the potion and everybody assumes that she is dead — including Balthasar, who immediately tells Romeo. Friar Lawrence’s letter fails to reach Romeo, so he assumes that his wife is dead. He rushes to Juliet’s tomb and, in deep grief, drinks a vial of poison. Moments later, Juliet wakes to find Romeo dead and kills herself due to grief. Once the families discover what happened, they finally end their bitter feud. Thus the youngsters’ deaths bring the families together. Conflict: The Montague and the Capulet don’t get along. They have been rival since ever. This rivalry causes them to be in war. Plot:

Romeo and Juliet fall in love and since their family are enemies the have to keep this love thing a secret. They get married and everything but behind everyone back. Still many conflicts occurred. Mercutio get in a fight with Tybalt and dies. This causes Romeo to kill Tybalt in an angry rage and for this, Romeo is banished from Verona. At the end both Romeo and Juliet died just because of all this rivalry. Juliet was pretending to be dead so she couldn’t get marry with Paris but when Romeo get the news of all this hi goes to her tomb and drink and potion and die at this time Juliet woke up sees him dead and kills herself with his dagger.

Personal Opinion: We think that this novel is good but at the same time sad because many tragedy happen especially the main characters death, which is the part that we most hate because the author made the ending of the novel with a big tragedy. We think that it shouldn’t it be like that they both could confront their families telling them their love and if they didn’t like it well to bad because there is nothing the can do or the could’ve just escape without anyone noticing before the whole big misunderstanding happen but the author just made it that way maybe he wasn’t very good with love or had bad experience with love.

Besides this we find the novel very interesting, romantic, and different from any other romantic novel. We also think that this novel shows that parents don’t choose who you fall in love with this is your decision and not even your love happens because it does and no one could change that.