BMW dynamics, technology and quality. BMW also made

BMW is a German motor vehicles company that makes premium motorcycles and automobiles. This company was found in 1916 and its headquarter is placed in Munich, Bavaria. BMW makes vehicles in various counties. BMW was nominated as the twelfth largest producer in vehicles. BMW had side car manufacturing companies such as Mini and Rolls-Royce is ultimately owned by BMW. The vehicles it manufactures set the highest standards in terms of aesthetics, dynamics, technology and quality. BMW also made aircraft engines from 1916 to 1923. BMW believes that innovative business model should revolve around the future oriented mobility. BMW considers the quickly developing society as a key indigent to producing new premium service and products. BMW strives to create change in the scopes of its industry by going through determining future-oriented mobility and sustainability in creating new innovative business. BMW believes that enjoyable driving forms a fundamental idea that can be applied to their concepts and products. By Redefining the meaning of mobility to the new customer segments with new products and services, BMW aims to generate growth and to develop access to new technologies by pioneering for new designs. Long-term thinking and responsible behavior are considered the cornerstone of BMW’s success. Ecological and social sustainability is what they pursue. Taking responsibility for their products and making clear commitments to resource conservation is a key intent on corporate strategy.Thanks to those endeavors, they were able to sustain between all the other automobile industries for many years.