Beshert that at one point Zeus created people

Beshert is a Yiddish expression used for relationships that means “are
meant to be together”. Beshertism is the belief that every person in this world
has a soulmate that they will be eternally united when they pass away. The theory
of soulmates has gone all the way back to Greek mythology when Plato, a Greek
philosopher, believed that at one point Zeus created people with four arms,
four legs, and two faces. Zeus was afraid of these creatures overpowering him
so he decided to slice them in half, forcing them to spend their lives looking
for their other half. I believe everyone has that certain “someone” that has
been destined to be with them. You may be wondering, “there are exactly 7.442
billion people in this world, how is it possible to have or meet your soulmate?”

      American writer Richard Bach once
said “a soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit
our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step
out and we can be completely and honestly who we are.” It is a lifelong journey
to find your soulmate, and without even knowing, you may have already met he/she,
whether it had been a quiet kid all through your years of school, or someone
you passed on your way to the grocery store.

     Knowing that someone is your
soulmate is if you can hear the other persons thought or how they are feeling.
DISCLAIMER! I do not mean that you can shrink yourself to the size of an ant, climb
their body, travel through their ear, head for their brain or heart and hear
what they’re saying. What I mean by this is that if they’re having a bad day or
something is off about them, you know exactly what it is wrong with them, without
having them elaborate to you. So in case you weren’t aware of this, every 7.442
billion people in this world have flaws. A whole bunch of them. Probably have
more flaws than perfections if you ask me. But when meeting your soulmate, you
understand each other’s flaws and benefit from them because without you even
realizing it, your flaws are really helpful to the other person. For example,
if you’re super organized (which people tend to think it is a flaw), it
probably means that you get all your bills paid on time which on the contrary, is
 a very good thing..

     You also have those people that
won’t even consider believing in soulmates. One explanation for this is that
the world is not equally divided between male and female so not everyone have a
soulmate. A lot of teens don’t believe in soulmates because they have been “heartbroken”
one to many times. They also don’t believe that from the moment you are born,
you automatically already have a soulmate, instead they believe that you can
love accept love from anybody and that there are no differences in love from
your spouse to your parents, you just choose to deepen that love for that
person in different styles. Although this way of mentality can also be correct,
the thought of a soulmate is still ver true because even if there is not en
equal population of male and female, who said your soulmate had to be the
opposite gender? If believing that you choose how to love and your life
progresses and there is one love but just deeper styles of it, that one deep
love that you have for that other spouse is just another way a rephrasing a
“soulmate” because at the end of the day after so and so years with this
person, they are the only person you have that certain amount of love for.

   In my conclusion, believe that
from the moment you are born you are destined for a soulmate. Even if you don’t
find the perfect person in your human life, you will eventually be connected to
them after you passed, which will be in your afterlife.