Benefits you are giving your 100 percent. Another

Benefits of mastering one thing at a time in the era of computers smart phones and tablets we do so many things simultaneously to save the time. We do so many businesses and try our luck in every field in hope of getting success in any one of the businesses. But is it really good to try so many things and do so many things at the same time many studies have shown that more tasks you perform at a time less you remember. You cannot concentrate on any of the tasks. It gets impossible to maintain attention for all the tasks. Multitasking provokes stress. it is proven that multitasking is the cause of the increased production of a substance called cortisol a stress hormone that affects your mental performance. Doing one thing at a time will reduce stress level and will keep you healthy. At the end of the day you will be so distressed and frustrated. We always keep plan b because we dont trust our plan a. There is no need of plan a. If you have another option then of course you will feel distracted and you dont allow yourself to use your full potential. You do work more creatively when you focus on only one thing at a time it increases your productivity and gives you great results. You feel very comfortable when you are on one thing. You feel secure when you do one thing because you know somewhere that there are no chances of failure because you are giving your 100 percent. Another benefit of mastering one thing at a time is it gives results early than multitasking. For example- if you are learning taekwondo and dancing simultaneously then achieving black belt will require lots of your time. You have to go to practice for both the sessions and your time will be divided. It also leads to decrease in concentration. So its always better to do start one thing learn it and then start with another one. It is always better to do the things that you love and you feel passionate about because it keeps your interest in work and helps you to achieve your goals faster. Doing one thing at a time does not mean that for the whole day you are just thinking only one thing but it should take your good percentage of the time. Focusing on one thing doesnt mean you ignore everything else take rest spend time with your family etc. Dont distract yourself from your goal concentrate on what you love master one subject and then pursue the rest. Do everything with plans and follow it in any situations and dont afraid of failures. Do one thing at a time and do it whole heartedly.