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Benefits of Playing Sports Did you ever play sports as a kid? Do you still? I did and I knew I was getting a lot of physical benefits, but are there more? I always thought there more benefits than met the eye, but I had no clue what they were. I wanted to know more about this because if there are benefits to playing sports, I want everyone to know. I want to see more kids playing soccer, volleyball, or any other team sport than playing on phones or tablets. Playing sports is important no matter what age you are and especially when you’re young. There are many benefits to playing sports. I found this out by using three different sources. They were fairly easy to find but I had trouble finding sites that didn’t have the same information on them. Two of them are from the online library databases. The first one has a lot of information about it, and even has some of the benefits of girls playing sports. The second one is all about why the coaches are so important and helpful in sports. The third one wasn’t in the database, but I found it on the University of Missouri Health Care website. This one was all about the mental benefits of playing sports. Some of the benefits are that children learn self-discipline, the consideration of others, and how to handle disappointment. Sports are also a great way to get rid of stress and help recover from being depressed. Also, the physical part can help with obesity which has gotten more and more of an issue. There are also many benefits, especially for girls. This includes having a healthy body image, higher self-esteem, a reduced risk of chronic disease, and they are less likely to begin smoking or become pregnant as teenagers (Metzl).   The coaches also play an important role in the game. They have been known to be positive role models and help build their players character. Coaches also help players learn loyalty and how to work hard. Most coaches don’t want to win as much as they want their players best effort. Also, coaches won’t put in the players that don’t try at practice or try to get better. Finally, coaches strongly believe in teamwork. Many relationships tend to be forced or conditional, but the relationships between teammates are not. You learn how to trust your other players and that is a life skill you can take further than any court or field (Brooks). Some people think that because sports take so much time and energy that it would distract them from their schoolwork but actually, it’s just the opposite. In order to play a sport, you have to memorize plays and sometimes hand motions. Sports also have a lot of repetition and learning skills. These transfer over to the classroom too. There is also a lot of determination and not giving up in playing sports. These skills can also go into the classroom. Athletes are more likely to not give up when they don’t understand something, they want to get it right and succeed like they would in a game (Benefits of Sports for Adolescents). I learned that there are a lot more than just physical benefits to playing sports. There are many characteristics that you can learn and skills that can help you in the classroom. As a teenager, I’m glad I played sports and still do. I hope that kids still continue to play sports and if I have kids I want them to play sports too.