Before second tale is about an old man

Before comparing this two short stories we have to know a little about them, in order to understand what are their differences and similarities. First, we have The Tell-Tale Heart, this story is about a man who kills an old man in his house because he didn’t like his horrible blue eyes, in the book were described as eyes of a vulture. The killer wasn’t mad at the old man or had anything against him, in fact he loves this man and was friends of him, but that terrible blue eyes drove him crazy, so crazy that he wanted to kill him so he can be free of it, at the end a neighbor heard the scream and called the police, the killer had all covered, the cops believed his story by saying he was the one who scream while sleeping and that the owner of the house was out of town, but the narrator (who is the killer) started hearing a ticking noise that freaked him out and made him confess the murder to the cops. By the other side we have The Grandfather and his Little Grandson, this second tale is about an old man that lives with his son and his son’s wife, the man was weak, fragile and feeble, the couple treated him terrible, they didn’t have patience and because of that they scolded him everytime the man did something wrong, until one day the little grandson teached a lesson to his parents about treating people when they get old, the couple felt terrible and from that day they behaved better with the grandfather. What are the similarities in this two stories? How many we can find? In both stories the protagonists are old men, in the two tales bad things happen, both stories and unwrap in a house and the characters in both stories have similar characteristics, because everyone is annoyed by the actions of the old men, the narrator in The Tell-Tale Heart didn’t like the eyes of the men and in other side the son of the grandfather and the daughter-in-law were angry at the old man because of him clumsiness. Do these stories have differences? Yes, The Grandfather and his Little Grandson story teaches us a lesson, which is “treat people the way you want to be treated” and The Tell-Tale Heart story doesn’t send a message to the readers, another difference is that in The Tell-Tale Heart story someone commits a crime, instead in the second story no one does something illegal.Another differences are that in the narrative The Tell-Tale Heart shows a man with mental imbalance and loneliness and in the tale The Grandfather and his Little Grandson shows a family with family issues, lack of love and values, but at the end they solve this problems, one story represents death and craziness and the other represents the importance of values and love in a family and a last difference is that The Tell-Tale Heart story develops at night and The Grandfather and his Little Grandson narratives seems it develops during the day.What we can conclude from this two short stories? We can conclude that in The Grandfather and his Little Grandson tale we learned about very important values which are empathy and solidarity, if we want to receive good treatment from other people we have to be kind and respect them, specifically with our parents and rest of our family no matter what and in the story The Grandfather and his Little Grandson we can conclude that in this world there’s crazy people with bad intentions and if you do a little thing wrong they can turn it into a big thing, that is to say, be careful with the people we spend time with.