Barrier was old and cracked in some places.

Barrier Between Us.By Caelin Growney/6B      Josh Middleton was born into hell. Of course, everyone thought this to be impossible, but Josh’s parents found a way. Josh’s mother died giving birth, and Josh’s father was killed on a raid the night Josh turned 18. Josh Middleton met Kerri Floriana the night of his father’s death, and from there they have spent everyday together, loving each other and looking out for each other since they were both 18.Josh was now sitting in an alley ten years from the day he met his true love; he was looking at his watch and planning to do the unthinkable.   His watch was old and cracked in some places. Josh wore the same outfit every day. He had ripped up pants with little pockets to hold stuff like his knife. He wore a tank top with a machete held with rope to stay on his back. It was 11:30 and they only had 30 more minutes until the barrier between hell and the overworld closed. Josh heard a loud noise and looked back up from his watch; he looked around and standing next to a wall was Keri. Keri was adventurous and ambitious. She had a powerful desire for success and achievement and never gave up.Keri wore pants that had holes in some places and in other areas the holes were patched up with tweed and denim. She wore two hatchets held to her back with ropes so they would not fall off.Josh yelled, “We have to go!” “This is going to be our only chance to make it to the overworld!” Keri muttered. “You won’t even listen.”Josh set off running through the city. His feet were starting to burn with each step that he took. He looked back. It was happening, the houses around them were beginning to smoke and catch fire. The houses were tall and very dark and looked as if they were to be built hundreds of years ago. They had big slick beams at the sides for support and long and cracked logs for the walls. The fires were spreading across the houses very fast, but the houses did not seem to burn, only the people.They could hear the men and women of the town screaming and running out of their homes to escape the flames. Some of the people were getting engulfed, and others staggered and fell to the ground, motionless. Josh looked back, “Oh my God.” Right behind him, standing in the middle of the city was a thirty-foot giant. He looked to his right were Keri was running. “Run faster. You can make it.” The giant had a massive club that had spikes in it.  He was taller than a mountain, his knuckles the size of boulders. His clothing was made from animal skins stitched together with pine needles. With legs the size of tall pine trees, he was unstoppable. He had arms the size of logs and feet the size of cars. “We’re not going to make it” Josh yelled, panting and out of breath.”Yes, we can!” Keri gasped. They now could see the barrier closing. It was 11:59. They could hear death roaring from the city behind them. Now Keri was screaming, “We need to make it!”Josh replied still breathing heavy, “We will if we speed up!” Keri slid under the barrier, just making it before it closed. Crying with happiness, Keri started yelling, “I’m free, I’m free.” She stood up looking at Josh; now real tears began streaming down her face. “No, why?!” Josh was on the other side of the barrier. “It’s going to be ok.” Josh put his hand on the barrier between them Keri’s matched his. Only an inch of shatter-proof glass separated them. Josh sat there staring into her eyes knowing this would be last time he could see her. A shadow started to cover her face as the fire and demons began to approach. Crying, she forced a smile knowing Josh’s  fate was written. Keri knew that there was nothing to be done. “Josh, whatever happens in the future is not going to change the fact that I always have loved you. I love you today, and I will love you until my last breath.” “Immortality: a fate worse than death.” Josh struggled to say. A tear ran down his  cheek, as a sudden smack and a web of cracks ran up the glass, his body now motionless, his blood-soaked hair leaving streaks on the glass in front of his face. “Noooo!” Keri screamed as she slumped up against the glass crying.