Why is a balanced diet important

A balanced diet consists of two servings of fruits and two servings of vegetables, and is important for a healthy body. If we do not have a balanced diet, we could become weaker, sleepy or have a higher chance of getting ill. We could also become obese and diabetic. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of getting high cholesterol and high blood pressure if we eat too much unhealthy food and eat very little vegetables/fruits. By doing thins, we are shortening our life spans and clogging our arteries.

If we do not eat our fruits and vegetables and fruits, we would also have a lack of vitamin C and minerals, thus, we can get sick easily. Our body would also not be able to repair itself. We could contact scurvy, which could cause spongy gums and bleeding. A person with the illness looks pale, feels depressed and is immobilized. Lack of fibre in fruits will cause constipation, severe pain from the inability to remove waste.

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Eating too much processed meat and oily food will cause cancer, which can easily lead to death. Eating too much sugar and salt can cause diabetes and kidney failure respectively. However, eating too little sugar and salt can lead to fainting and the inability to carry out some life processes as low sugar in the blood will cause a lack of energy and salt contains necessary minerals.

All these symptoms are very dangerous and some lethal. Thus, having a balanced diet is important for our growth and body. Ensuring that we have a balanced diet is especially important to us now as we are in the puberty and growing stage, therefore, if we do not have a balanced diet now, we will not be able to grow and suffer a lifetime of regrets when we are adults. Studies have also proven that in general, kids who have a balanced diet have more energy, do better in school, whereas without having a balanced diet, kids can get irritable, restless, and tired.

Furthermore, from my personally experience, having a balanced diet can also ensure that you study better as you have a healthier mind and body.

There was a period of time last year whereby both of my parents were overseas attending a conference and I was left in the care of my elder cousin who is studying here. As an only child, he did not really know how to cook. Therefore, most of the time, I was left to cook for myself. As no one has ever taught me how to cook any meat or vegetables before, I could only drink milk and eat foods like bread and rice for the two meals which I have at home for about ten days. As a result, my grades in school suffered and immediately began dropping due to the fact that my brain did not have enough energy to work and absorb the lessons and knowledge taught in school.