Background system on the planet. Women needed to


comprehend the present condition of women in Pakistan, we have to first
consider the historical backdrop of women’s battles globally. As of right now,
the USA is the greatest and most grounded vote based system on the planet.
Women needed to dispatch suffrage battles to accomplish voting rights even in
the West. The battle began from Berlin in 1904. UK gave its women voting rights
in 1917, the USA in 1920, Pakistan in 1947 and Saudi Arabia in 2015. Going back
to the start of human presence, women have dependably been subservient to men
since they are considered physically weaker than men. With the headways in
science and innovation, physical power has been supplanted by intellectual
capacity as an essential for predominance. Resultantly, women are currently
working one next to the other with men. In any case, notwithstanding all the
advance, there are still a few nations that are encountering social slack; and
decline to relinquish the old, out of date thoughts in regards to
generalizations connected with women. Tragically, Pakistan is one of them.

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Western Propaganda and Women
Empowerment in Islam

overall thought of a women’s place in Islam is that women are denied of
flexibility and balance. This is the consequence of either numbness about Islam
or the one-sided promulgation of against Islamic belief system and a
preferential media. The truth of the matter is the exact inverse.


isn’t strange here to look at the place given to women in a portion of the
purported transcendent civic establishments before Islam. For example, in Greek
folklore a woman, Pandora, was thought to be the wellspring of all abhorrent.
For the sake of workmanship, the Greeks delineated women such that advanced
unbridled sex. In the second human advancement, the Roman one, their logician,
Seneca, impugned Romans about the worsening family framework. A game named
“Floralia” advanced lustful environment.


it came to Christianity, Chrysostom says: “Women is an unavoidable
fiendishness, a delightful catastrophe and an alluring inconvenience.”
Aristotle proclaimed: “The female state is a deformation.” A Roman
Catholic, Aquinas, trusted: “A female is an illegitimate male.”
Nietzsche, the German rationalist, opines: “Women is the wellspring of
habit, delirium.” In current Europe, women were not given equivalent
rights and the circumstance prompted women’s activist developments that have
been continually battling for meet rights for women.


Prior to the coming of Islam
in Arabia, the position of the reasonable sex was shocking. Young ladies were
some of the time killed when they were conceived. The baby young ladies were
covered alive. A man could wed and surrender or separation a woman any number
of times. The quantity of spouses was boundless. Islam liberated woman in all
regards. Arrangements for strengthening of women in the Islamic arrangement of