Awful this is the worst thing you can

Awful things happens to you and your skin when you sleep with your makeup on. We all know it’s a big NO but a tiresome long day or one too many cocktails is a rare inevitable occasion. You know how essential it is to remove makeup before diving into your sheet but sometimes the last thing you wanted to do once you get home is wash your face. We get it and it’s something we shouldn’t make a habit of– This might happen once in a while but can do serious damage to your skin. SERIOUSLY.  SLEEPING WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON IS A HORRIBLE IDEA. Aside from too much basking in the sun, this is the worst thing you can do to your skin. Oil-based primers and foundations is believed to be the culprits of negative effects on skin. They are pore-clogging and not breathable. The problem with makeup is that it clogs pores. Makeups prevent natural skin shedding and slows down the natural renewal process of skin resulting in rough and dull skin. Yes, it is really that BAD. Not to mention, free radicals clings to your makeup. By not religiously removing makeup at the end of the day, your face would age by more than three days for every night you didn’t bother. Sleeping with makeup on can cause inflammation, allergic reactions, skin irritations, aging skin and acne development. Imagine all the dirt, oil, pollution, and dead cells accumulated during the day and you don’t wash your face at the end of the day.   It’s an actual nightmare. While you are sleeping, this is when our skin’s time to renew. Beauty sleep is real. Our skin naturally enhances its ability to fight natural damage. While in deep slumber, our special growth hormones works and takes the opportunity to recuperate from daily stress. It is responsible for skin repair; it regenerate collagen-producing cells. The majority of cell regeneration happens when we sleep so Imagine if our skin is covered with makeup while you sleep. Essential skin regeneration/restoration is nearly impossible to happen. The damage it could cause it utmost terrifying. It’s horrible. Consider this a sisterly advice and let’s sush the lazy girl proclivity in us and continue to be generally careful and consistent with our skincare routine. No judgements. We’ll reap the benefits. So how to recover from sleeping with makeup on?  It really does happen to the best of us every so often and it’s wise to avoid making a habit of it. There are a few things we can do the next morning to help recover our skin and let it breathe. Here’s a few helpful remedies to repair your skin after a night of neglect… Your skin will thank you.OIL CLEANSER- Cleanse any leftover makeup with an oil cleanser to get rid of excess residue. A lot of dermatologist experts swears by oil cleansers. It will perk up your skin like no other. It is the kindest care for your skin and it’s great at moisturizing your skin.WASH YOUR FACE – by now you know what a great havoc it is to sleep with your makeup on. It leaves your skin dry and dehydrated because of makeup and bacteria altogether. Gently wash your face to get rid of yesterday’s grime; removing all traces of makeup, as well as all the dirt and excess oil. There could still be more makeup left so it’s recommended to wash your face TWICE to remove excess dirt thoroughly. Treat your skin with some TLC and use warm water to rinse your face.Exfoliate your face –  The buildup of dead skin cells results in excessive oil and clogged pores so it’s best to exfoliate your face for a fresh and healthy looking face. Soak a towel in a lukewarm water. Gently place this on your face for a good minute or two. This step prepares your skin for exfoliation. Use any of your trusted exfoliation cream or the good ole sugar and oil our old good wives use would suffice to slough away any dead skin left then rinse. On nights where you abandon your skin, it’s best to pamper your skin and give it that extra tLC it deserves the next morning. It is also nice to give your skin a little breather and go makeup free for the next two days and don’t sleep with makeup on. LIKE EVER. So the next time you’d want to crawl in bed with makeup on, think twice, honey.