Avoid their own business or speciality appeal them

Avoid Lifestyle Creep§’Lifestyle creep’ means improving your living standard to match with the salary you earn. Lifestyle Creep is a typical habit of an individual who suddenly have the capability to earn more money.§However, successful people have a contrast thinking to those peoples. Their habit is to turn away the urge to spend their money today and, rather, sock it away into saving accounts and investments that will increase in value and give monetary assets that can be utilized in the future to maintain their living standardØPlan early ahead§The world’s 1% usually wake up earlier than the usual of the rest of 99% to think and plan their daily life accordingly so that they are able to get a grip of their life. Other than getting plan, they too check their emails and stock market. Reason being is that time is a luxury that they hardly can afford. Too many plans but not enough time. Time is gold, wise planning allows them to use the time to do productive things that will benefit them.ØReading§Most of the world’s most successful people are avid readers. For instance, Warren Buffett reportedly spends 80% of a day with reading. Elon Musk has mentioned that he acquire the knowledge to build rockets through reading books. Reading information that will expand their knowledge regarding their own business or speciality appeal them to be more valuable to colleagues, customers or clients.§Most of the riches read for at least 30 minutes every day. Successful people such as Bill Gates read to enhance themselves. By expanding their knowledge, they are able to secure more opportunities that will bring in more wealth for them. Only 1 in 50 or those who are having financial problems involve in this daily self-improvement reading. As a result, the poor becomes the first one to be fired or downsized.§According to a study, around 88% of the rich engage in reading for at least 30 minutes every day. They do not read for entertainment purpose, instead they read biographies, history and self-enhance books. There are a lot of significant life lessons to be learned in the biographies of people with poor to rich stories.ØLifestyle habits§Research has proven that all of those rich people eat less junk food, practice counting  theircalories and does exercise at least 3-4 times in a week. Working our in a regular basis helps them to clear their minds and motivates them. Most of those business leaders will make sure that they workout. For instance, Richard Branson, the billionaire mentioned that he will wake up at 5am to play a few game of tennis or cycling, has increased his productive by twice.§The riches also do volunteer work for at least 5 hours per month. This is because they can construct valuable relationships that can bring in extra customers or clients or aiding them to secure a better job if they spend time  giving back in their community. Usually, the boards and communities of those NGOs consist of wealthy and successful people. Building personal relationships with these people can result in future business relationships.ØAvoid spendthrift friends§Self-made millionaires associate with same-minded individuals. They also treasure relationships and often seek for new friendships with people. They are most likely to avoid spendthrift people and spend more time with those who are conscientious with their money.§Good money habits can be adopt when colligate with individuals who practices those habits. If all of the people who are close to you share their wish to live underneath your means, their good money habits will become yours.§ØMultiple incomes§Most of those millionaires that build their wealth from zero don’t depend on only one source of income.  According to Corley’s research, 65% of the rich had 3 or more source of income. Such as a side business or income generating investment, for example, real estate.§Multiple source of income prepares them for unescapable economic downturns.