Assignment virus: This is another type of the


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Q: what is the type of vaccine and mechnism of


               The word vaccine is derived from the
the lattin word vaccan whicn means cow. So first it is used by the Adverd
jenner to inject the cow pox first and then small pox into the boy named  James phips. In this way boy got immunity
against small pox so it is termed as vaccine.

              Vaccine means weakend  germs of 
that disease which produced immunity in the disease.


There are some types of 
the vaccine which are given below:

Live weakend vaccine:

         Vaccine can be made by several ways.
The mostly commonly the disease causing virus pass through the embryo of  the animals . For example when the embryo of
chick virus is used infected the human it can replicate their and this type of
the virus is better for the chick infection because it can replicate in the
chick embryo but not in human. In sometime when the attenuated virus enters  into the human it can not replicate their. So
this will not able to cause disease in human and acts as to produced the
immunity in the body at that disease. This immunity protect the human against
in that disease in future.

                    There is one danger that in
sometimes the virus get potential and may infect the organisms. For example as
in oral pollio virus it is live attenuated virus enters into the body through
the oral cavity instead of  injected.
This type may danger and cause paralytic pollio virus so it is inhibted in the
USA to give OPV oral pollio virus and gave the IPV(inactivated pollio virus).

Helpful against Diseases:

Small pox




and mumps

Inactivated virus:

                 This is another type of  the vaccine in which pathogens (disease
causing substances) are killed by formalin or farmaldehyde or by using the
heat. This killed pathogens  the ability
to replicate is destroyed by these chemicals. 
This type of  the vaccine is most
suitable because it is not able to revert to replicate and infect the human.

              This vaccine type produce
protection in short terms not the long term. However in sometime booster is
required for the long term protection. This type of vaccine is used by the USA
for the  childern to protect against the
pollio disease.

Helpful against Diseases:






        The immunity which produce in the body
by the inactivated chimcal is called toxoid. Sometimes the disease is not
directly created by the bacterea it is causes by the bacterial virus so it can
be treated wtith the treated with the inactivated substancre such formalin to
kill the toxin so it is named toxoid.

Helpful against Diseases:



Conjugate and subunit vaccine:

                    In this type of  vaccine small piece of  germ is used. In this way they produced
strong protection. This can be used in every one who needed. It may sometime
needed for the booster shots for the protection.

Helpful against Diseases:



papiloma virus

Mechanism of  vaccine:

           The immunity is the ability of the
body to tolerate against the different diseases. Sometime body take the foreign
material as the pathogen and create the immunity. Immunity is organism
specific.The mechanism is very simple weakend germs are used to introuced the
immunity in the body. There are two types of immunity

active immunity

passive immunity.

Active immunity is usually created by its own body
and it lasts in few years.

While the passive immunity induced by the artificial way to enters the microbe which
are not able to infect.

The immune
system is very complex because its main purpose to identify the foreign (antigen) and produced the protein (antibody) which kill the germs that
enters in the body. When the immune system come in contact with the specific
antigen they remember it and when futher whenever the attack of  the same disease this will helpful to
overcome soon. There are different ways
to stimulate the immune system in the body like killing pathogen produced
immunity toxins produced by the bacterea and recombinent induced immunity in
the body  but the best and most
effective way is that to stimulate the immune system by live weakend germs.