As people must contribute in terms of their

As members of the society, we are obligated to perform services to other members of the

society as a contribution to the wealth and happiness of the society. Our contribution to the
society is key to governance. Through our contribution we satisfy the needs of other members of
the society, who later pay for our services. Through this pay, we contribute to the government
through taxes. Further still, we are obligated to adhere to the set laws and more still to respect the
rights and freedom of others within the society.

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According to the social contract theory, societies are controlled and managed by
governments. This theory points out that people benefit from living together in their kingdoms or
countries under an oversight authority or rather under a government. For smooth coexistence, the
people living together require laws and rules. Typically, successful societies are as a result of
compromises and sacrifice, people within the society gain protection from outsiders who may
have the intention of harming them. In return, the people must contribute in terms of their
services, finances and moral support to make the society wealthy, stable and happy. The
individuals within a society also have to give up some of their freedoms such as the freedom to
commit crimes or harm others without punishment. In summary, social contracts are a form of
aframework that guides how the people and the government interact.

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From above, people form societies with the aim of better protection of their rights. These
rights include the right to property, liberty, and life. While this is so, we owe other members of
the society a responsibility. We have the responsibility to obey the set laws by the society. We
also have the duty not to infringe upon the freedoms and rights of others within the society.The
Social Contract Theory features the supererogatory action. According to the theory, this is an
action that is morally good, but they carry or imply no obligation to act. Such actions are distinct
from any other moral actions as they cannot be termed as wrong or right. As such an action is
supererogatory if; performing it does not fulfill any moral obligation, performing it is morally
praiseworthy and if omitting it does not amount to moral blame. Such like actions are closing the
lifeline to rescue a person stuck in a burning building within the school.

As members of the society, we have a number of obligations attached to us. We are
expected to perform these obligations to the best of our abilities. As a volunteer in Royal Green
Elementary, I have an obligation to ensure that the kids learn English and perform well in the
same. Further still, it is my obligation to guide and discipline these kids to be morally upright
individuals. In an effort to push them to achieve better grades I must give the kids assignment
and offer to follow up lessons on the same. It is also my obligation to ensure that the kids do as
much practice as possible both in speech and writing English.

Other than these obligations which are attached to us, we can go above and beyond our
duties to make things right in our society. While undertaking my duties, I ensure all students are
safely picked by their parents. In some instances, I have to go beyond my duty to drop some
students home if their parents are unable to pick them on time. Alternatively, I can host the kids
in my house and keep them warm as they wait for their parents. More still, beyond my duty of
disciplining and ensuring goodperformance, I also offer counseling and advice to students.

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Ensuring the student’s comfort in all aspects of their lives is my “over and above” contribution to
the society. Lastly, the Social Contract Theory is key to thepeaceful coexistence of members of
the society. Throughthe Social Contract Theory,people and the government can exist in a
mutually beneficial relationship.