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As we read Philip Berman’s case, there is no doubt that he is projecting very abnormal behavior compared to an average person. Out of the several models that are used to explain and treat abnormal behavior, I would like to apply the psychodynamic model on Philip’s behavior. According to our textbook, the psychodynamic model is the most famous of the psychological models and that “psychodynamic theories rest on the deterministic assumption that no symptom or behavior is “accidental”: All behavior is determined by past experiences.” This means that Philip’s behavior developed as he lived through traumatic experiences that shapes who he has become. Based on Freud’s methods, Philip superego and ego can no longer control his id (needs, drives, and impulses) therefore it could explain his impulsiveness such as raging out of jealousy or anger, quitting jobs with no problem, anger lash outs, or even when he attempted suicide. When they these three on in constant conflict then “the person’s behavior may show signs of dysfunction.”I would like to also talk about his past experiences that may play a huge role in understanding how his behavior developed. As we know, Philip describes his mother, who he hated, as cruel and selfish while his dad was weak and ineffectual. This could show why he was so critical of women and that they met his every need. After having a little brother entering his life while he mother was already cruel to him, she never met his needs and he would not want to be with someone who was like his mother. The part where he states that he did not any sexual intercourse with any of the women whom he dated could stem from the fact that his mother used to call him a pervert. Parents are key figures in every child’s life therefore if Philip is showing signs of psychological abnormality, it was not accidental but rather the parents may be the cause of improper development.This is the reason people like Philip would seek help from a therapist which his parents called for to discuss his problems. The therapist could seek to reveal past drama and the inner conflicts that are causing Phillip is acting this way and why he is developing the way he is. They are guiding them to face the root of their problems which can help give a better understanding of how to approach Philip and his problems.