As of Chicago was for me. When it

As the rest of the University of Chicago delved into their books after Thanksgiving weekend, I explored every nook and cranny of the school. Roaming through every department in the Quad, conveniently linked of course, I was able to have a peek into the lives of the students here. The cosy Eckhart Library was pin-drop silent and filled with tomes of mathematical books. I could feel the laser stares of people as my footsteps lumbered in, panicking after failing to close the automatic doors. As I lumbered in and panicked from not being able to close the automatic doors, I could feel the laser stares of the  diligently studying students. To my surprise. no one was asleep or lying their heads on the table: It was a far cry from the noisy “library” that had also served as a linking passage between the blocks in high school. Every one of the twenty thousands steps I took at University of Chicago only made me want to take a thousand more.  From the amazing view of the city at the orchestra room of the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, to the breathtaking sight of the Harper Memorial Library, to the creeping vines on buildings, it certainly felt like I was transported out of the busy metropolis. The cramped stairwells up to the astronomy tower provoked my claustrophobia, but I persisted – promised with a brilliant sunset view of the Quad. I was not disappointed. As the sun dropped into the purple sky, It was only but a confirmation: University of Chicago was for me. When it comes to education, the University of Chicago is a fantastic fit for me. Its Core curriculum offers a diverse knowledge base: Classes such as “Power, Identity, and Resistance” and “Ice-Age Earth and Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast.” will allow me to pursue my eclectic academic interests in (insert interests here). The University of Chicago, teeming with students who genuinely love learning and relish academic rigor, has an atmosphere that fosters academic growth. By pushing students to their limits, the university has even earned the motto, “where fun goes to die.” This motto does not scare me; I look forward to the challenge. In particular, the University of Chicago is especially strong in my preferred major: Economics. I can see myself getting the best education in Economics available in the newly renovated and christened Saieh Hall. However, it will not be the facilities, but the opportunity to interact with and learn from the two of my personal heroes in economics: Richard Thaler and Steven Levitt. However, the University of Chicago’s greatest asset will not be the facilities, but rather its faculty. The opportunity to interact with and learn from two of my personal heroes in Economics will be great opportunities for me to enhance my knowledge. Professor Levitt’s work on social economics and his blog devoted to Freakonomics ignited my passion for the subject.  His constant thirst to understand everything inspired me to delve deeper into my passion for the Eeconomics of sleep. Professor Thaler’s revolutionary work on Bbehavioral Eeconomics has also taught me to rethink the definition of Eeconomics. No longer the science of decision making, Eeconomists must also factor in into social influences and pressures. Both men are monumental reasons why I wish to attend the University of Chicago. While I am not certain do not know what career path I want to take, this program will certainly prepare me for graduate school and offer opportunities for career training through its connections to places such as the Chicago Federal Reserve and the Journal of Labor Economics, to name but a few. GFurthermore, given the University of Chicago’s open nature and accepting culture, I will be able to be creative in my endeavors. The University of Chicago is known for its historically embedded open-mindedness, dating back to its statuses as one of the first colleges to accept minorities and women and the first major research university with a female president. The uUniversity’s focus on discussions rather than lectures encourages exploration and growth rather than the transferring of knowledge, and its quirky and unique essay topics demonstrate its proud encouragement of creativity. Most importantly, not only will I benefit from attending the University of Chicago, but I will be able to give back to the uUniversity and to the surrounding community. I can be an active member of the local community and use the University of Chicago’s Volunteer Marketplace and University Community Service Center to find areas where I can leave my mark. By taking advantage of a world class education and of the freedom to pursue a wide variety of interests, be creative, and give back to the community, I will maximize my potential at the University of Chicago and ready myself for my future endeavors. By facilitating my growth as a person through its fantastic fit for my interests, goals, and style of learning, the University of Chicago satisfies my desire for a special kind of learning, community, and future.