As of all, there is a problem of

As Syrian war is keep going on for a long time, the number of refugees
is keep increasing. 13.1million people are in need in Syria, and 5.4 million
people fled Syria for their security. Even, there are still 6.1 million
internally displaces persons. To solve this problem, the Great Britain is
trying our best to accept Syrian refugees and putting our all effort to help
their settlement and other further things.

Since 2011, the United Kingdom accepted 4,980 Syrian refugees and will
accept 20,000 by 2020. however, even though we accepted Syrian refugees, this
is not the end of the problem. After they came in to the country, we have bigger

First of all, there is a problem of sanctuary. after they arrive, the
Great Britain have to find their houses. To solve this problem, U.K launched
one crucial project which is VPRS. This initial stands for the Vulnerable
Persons Resettlement Scheme. This scheme is not only applied to Syrian refugees
but also to many other refugees from different countries. the main
beneficiaries are Syrians. The scheme was intended to provide sanctuary.
However, it also provides basic medical treatment. The government partners with
UNHCR and already 7000 people received benefits of this scheme. For faster and
secured resettlement, U.K believes that it is crucial to extend this scheme not
only in U.K but also in many other nations in Europe.

Furthermore, except their housing, we have to provide lots of
different classes for their learning and welfare. We can provide them
languages, social and psychology classes. Also, we have to let them know ways
of living. To accelerate their understanding and to fasten their adaption, the
delegate of United Kingdom would like to propose guardian program. Especially,
we have to take care of young children. For this, United Kingdom is now
providing VCRS. This delegate would like to suggest extending this scheme.

Lastly, we have to come up with ways to support reunion of Syrian
families. According to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it says that
the integrity of family should be protected. However, not only in United
Kingdom but also in many other countries, families are being separated during
the process of administration. So this delegate strongly believes that there
should be some specific ways to ensure their rights. In United Kingdom, we have
NGO called Refugee Action. They support the reunion of families. So this
delegate believes that we need to support these NGOs.

With acknowledging the fact that refugees are also same human being
like us, United Kingdom is willing to help Syrian refugees and will do out best
to support their lives in United Kingdom. Due to controlling of IS, cities became desolated. 60% of the places
that have been controlled by IS are now inhabitable. There are no basic
facilities and infrastructures that human can sustain their own life. For this,
United Nations and other nations should support Syria’s reconstruction of
facilities and internal affairs. First, Syria needs more systematic financial support for the
reconstruction. Now in the global societies, there are lots of financial
support. For instance, launching of 3RP, The HRP 2017 for inside Syria and many
other financial support. Even though, there are these supports, the
reconstruction of Syria is not shown in reality. So, this delegate would like
to suggest making one funding organization that only controls the financial
support of Syria. Through this organization, we can have more systematic
approach of this problem.Second, we need to build basic infrastructure and hygiene facilities
in the community. After the controlling of IS, many cities got destructed. To
restore the order of the city, this delegate believes that stabilization is
important. So there should be basic facilities like houses and schools. Also,
to rerun the city, we need electricity and water facilities. All those things
will help restoring order of city and the whole community.Third and lastly, to make a safe city again, we need to remove bombs,
landmines and other weapons that are being used by IS or during the war. Lots
of weapons were used during the war and debris is still remaining there. So, we
need to check all those places and remove it safely. Especially, in case of
weapons, we need to deal with disposal problem. To prevent the reconstruct of those terrorist groups such as IS, this
delegate believes there should be firm solutions. First, we need to block their
ways of earning money. According to documents that we shown in 2014, IS earned
500 million dollars through oil sales. With bearing this in mind, we need to
come up with ways to block their oil sales. Also they are earning 45 million dollars
through kidnapping and their ransoms. With collaborating with UNICEF and other
organizations that are related with children, we need to prevent little
children from being kidnapped by IS. Second, we need to regulate illicit arm
trades that are being done through black market. IS is using weapons for
threatening other people and they are making this crisis worse. To solve this
problem, we need to regulate their arm trade and block ways of obtaining their
own weapons.

Regarding this agenda, this delegate believes that there should be
further discussion upon strengthening the immigration laws. Adding on, this
delegate believes that attacking IS with air bombing and killing them with
coalition is not an effective ways of removing them out. This delegate would
like to further discuss ways of attacking them efficiently than before.