As face a reflection of all the myriad

 As a small girl, with the onset of every new academic session, the only thing I was exuberant about was the new literature books. I would have devoured every story, every poem even before the classes commenced, while the math and science remained spotless. I have always craved for new beginnings, longed to know new people and their stories, play them over and over in my head. And books allowed me just the same. They were my magical portals to enter new worlds letting me abscond the insanity, our reality is teeming with. In books, I could assume the role of my favourite character, could be in so many places at the same time and live so many lives in a lifetime. As I grew up, one would find me often­ ­- nose buried in a book, fists clenched tight, my face a reflection of all the myriad emotions I experienced and my mind lost in a magical realm which breathed only within the pages. I would spend hours pacing back and forth in front of my bookshelf, giving words to all that I have felt by borrowing phrases from books I have read. I often found myself lying on my bed, giggling over a funny remark or crying when people had to part, surprised by the sound of my own voice, shaken back to reality with the teardrops I shed. Beautifully, gradually and irrevocably, I found my love in literature.

The past three years brought some prime changes in my life. Moving into the finest boarding school my country has to offer, played a pivotal role. I took fastidious care to keep my grades on track, and never scored lesser than 85%. On the co-curricular front, I took part and bagged prizes in a multitude of events, including but not limited to umpteen essay and creative writing competitions. I made my mark in two internationally organised Ivy League Model United Nations (MUN) – the Yale MUN hosted in Seoul, South Korea and The Harvard MUN in India itself. At the Indian International MUN, I chaired the Social and Humanitarian committee and owing to my diction and rhetorical skills, I got awarded as the ‘Best Chair’, and bagged the ‘Best Committee’ award too. Another event which left its mark was our one month student exchange programme to St.Andrew’s School at Christchurch, New Zealand in the year 2015. There, I took part in one of Shakespeare’s best plays, ‘Macbeth’, thus discovering my prowess in theatre. I tried focusing on my oratory skills, and joined the debating society, bringing laurels to my school.

But my true passion rested in writing, and I was an active part of the Editorial Board at my school. This was the one thing that I found my solace in. I found true happiness reading the creative masterpieces of my juniors and improving upon them. It was never ‘work’ for me, it was more like a healing therapy. I was bestowed with the honour of becoming the Chief Editor of my school’s annual magazine, and to this date, that has been my fondest memory.

 A staunch believer in teamwork, I headed the backstage management team in school for three years. I have immense belief that my acquisition of an imperturbable approach to situations will keep me going in the course I have chosen.

Literature is a very challenging discipline, which I promise to work towards ardently with zeal and assiduity, but once I master it, the world will be mine to carve, mould and write about. And what better place to start my journey than the land of traditional English itself! The cultural diversity is unrivalled, and yet the traditional heritage remains unassailable. All the major and significant literary works ranging from ‘Beowulf’, the works of Chaucer, Eliot and the leading contemporary novelists hail from the UK.  Britain is a literature enthusiast’s paradise. And I wish to learn from the best there is, and evolve into the best I can be. I sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount there is left for me to learn, but that is what fuels me and keeps me going. I cannot wait to embark on this new journey and surpass everyone’s and my own expectations.