As CCTV cameras everywhere .We would like to

As a state in front line, the republic of Turkey  is really eager to make a stand against terrorism in all its forms . Terrorism is one of the most important issues in world  , we should prevent terrorism  and Turkey has a really important role in it due to its location. Our country locates between Europe and Asia continental and it is in close  proximity to Middle East  .The Republic of Turkey has taken all measures necessary to fully implement Security Council Resolution 1373.

We have been  struggling with  terrorist organizations such as DHKP/C, PKK,FETO. We have lost so many thing due to these terrorist organisations’ attacks and activities and terrorists who made huge attacks to our country. They usually come from other countries and pass borders without control.The Turkey republic is one of the countries  which accept refugees most. There are more than 3 million refugees in  our country. Unfortunately this makes the terrorists can  enter our country easier.

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As the delegation of Turkey we’d like to mention about what we have done about terrorism .We built a wall on the border of Syria and we are going to build another one on the border of Iran. We improved our security at airports and malls and we are using CCTV cameras everywhere .We would like to take this precautions without bordering human rights so we, the government of Turkey would like to cooperate with UN as a key country in this region which has learned a lot from huge terror problems in history.

In conclusion ,we think that Turkey and UN should combine their powers in order to solve this problem.Because Turkey is fighting against terrorism for many years and we are really experienced.On the other hand Turkey needs UN’s sources and help to solve this problem and we can’t solve this problem without the thoughts of countries suffering from terrorism. The Republic of Turkey calls for all members of this committee to cooperate in the creation of a productive resolution that resolves the issues outlined.