As at a very young age. I decided

As a child I would often see my grandfather removing some
parts of his old scooter, and other home appliance and try repairing it. This very
action of his created a spark in me which made me choose the field of
mechanical engineering. My mother ,father, his brothers, and almost everyone I knew
was an engineer, all I heard was something related to the science of

My father is also a passionate man, and is totally into the
field of mechanical engineering, and has his own industry which manufactures
automobile components for major companies. The small one in the house, my brother
fascinated me the most; he spends most of the day watching videos about
machines and how they work on YouTube. I was not only attracted to machines but
everything that was different, and was very curious to know how they
functioned. After which I decided that engineering was the area I had to explore.
But my grandfather often said that, “In Indian economy a person who has the
means and the knowledge should become an entrepreneur and provide jobs” this
was a seed sown in my mind at a very young age. I decided that I was going to
become an entrepreneur, but couldn’t get over my interest for engineering. Finally
I realized I wanted to become an entrepreneur in the field of mechanical
engineering and started working towards this goal.

So the first idea that came up was to go to the premier institute
of India (IIT). I did begin training for it from Grade 9, but as time passed I realized
that to be a successful entrepreneur, I required more of practical oriented studies
rather than theoretical ones. During a discussion with my father, he said that the
Europeans with whom he had interacted were very clear with what they were saying,
and were perfectly trained in their field. Even before discussing about my
college plans, my father often spoke about European people and the system of
education. Finally I decided that Europe was the right place to get educated to
be perfect engineer.

I began my quest to find a university which would help me accomplish
my goal, in this process I found out about your college, which is exactly what I
was looking for. I hope my educational background would be suitable to take an
admission in your esteem institution. To my
mind it is of key importance to have possibilities to obtain excellent education.

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I am
sure that my curiosity will enable me to succeed in becoming an engineer.
Eventually, I deeply believe that the excellence of your program, along with my
capabilities and motivation, will help me to attain my destination.