As a simplex proof which would illustrate what

 As we have various perspectives toward different topics, there are some who believes in God’s existence, while there are also some questions of whether god exists. Through the topic ‘could god not exist’, my point of view is that god exists. I will try to prove my topic by Ontological way from an ancient philosopher who is named St. Anselm, logic of the human about knowledge of God, the basis of the existence of god and explain the reason why some of people do not believe in God. Here are some arguments that will support my viewpoints.        First of all, in addition to the biblical for God’s existence, Ontological arguments is there to support the topic which indicates God’s existence. The Ontological argument was devised by Anselm of Canterbury , who wants to produce a simplex proof which would illustrate what God is.  The most vulgar way of the Ontological argument uses the construct of God to attest God’s existence. It begins with the definition of God as “a being than which no greater can be conceived.” ( Feb 8, 1996, St. Anselm) It is then argued that to exist is greater than to not exist, and therefore the greatest conceivable being must exist. If God does not exist, then God will not be the perfect conceivable being and that is very contradicted with the definition of God. People require to refuse God’s existence, because of  it is “not scientific”. The real reason is that “once they admit that there is a God, they also must realize that they are responsible to God and in need of forgiveness from Him.” (Romans 3:23, 6:23).        If God did exist, then people need to accountable to him for our actions. However, if God did not exist, then people could do whatever they wanted without worrying about God’s judging on us. That is the reason of many of those who refuse the existence of god stand on forcefully to the theory of naturalistic evolution also it gives them a selective to believing in a creator god. God exists and basically people are all know that he exists. So people can see the fact that some attempt too aggressive to disprove his existence is in fact an argument for his existence.        Secondly,  God exists through the logic of  human beings. Logic is an intelligent being construction and also a way to look at the world and to make choices. People choose to behave logically in order to believe God exists in the spiritual world. This argument was introduced and also made famous by Rene Descartes that has a kinship to the Ontological argument. It starts off with the idea of God. Yet, it does not claim that actual being is part of the content of that idea, just like the Ontological argument does. Rather it explores to show that only God himself could have caused the idea to occur in our minds. From this point, the summary and discussion are showing well to people. We have ideas of many things. These ideas must arise either from ourselves or from things outside us. One of the ideas we have is the idea of God who is infinite, all-perfect being. This concept could not have been caused by ourselves, since we know ourselves to be finited and faultied, and no impact can be greater than its cause. So the idea has been caused by something beyond the weak of us which has nothing less than the traits involved in the idea of God and only himself has those traits. Thus God himself is the idea that we have of him. Therefore God exists. The Anselm’s Version shows that “It is greater for a thing to exist in the mind and in reality than in the mind alone.”God” means “that than which a greater cannot be thought.”Suppose that God exists in the mind but not in reality.Then a greater than God could be thought namely, a being that has all the qualities our thought of God has plus real existence.But this is impossible, for God is “that than which a greater cannot be thought.”Therefore God exists in the mind and in reality.” (Anselm of Canterbury)        This shows the origin of the idea of god and it does exists in the world who believe of it. For the idea of immenseness perfection has been presupposed in people’s thinking about all those things and judging them imperfect. Therefore none of them could be the origin of the idea of God; only God himself can be that.                 Last but not least, people that believe god doesn’t exist because there is no scientific evidence of physical entity that is known to be God. However the truth is that God is beyond scientific, it brings happiness and wealth to us believers. Also it is known that God is the base root of Virtue and goodness. Goodness and Virtue does exist in the human society therefore God exists. The first Ontological argument in the Western Christian tradition was proposed by Anselm of Canterbury in his 1078 work Proslogion. Anselm defined God as “that than which nothing greater can be thought”, and argued that this being must exist in the mind, even in the mind of the person who denies the existence of God. (St.Anselm) The existence of God cannot be proved or disproved. The Bible tells that we have to accept by faith the fact that God exists: “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).        If God desired, he could easily appear and show to the world that he is truly exists. Yet, if he did that, there would be no need for faith. “Then Jesus told him, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed'” (John 20:29).        We do not audibly hear him speaking to us, but we sense his presence, we feel his leading, we know his love, we desire his grace. There is no possible explanation other than God in what happens in our lives. God miraculously saved us and changed our lives. We have to acknowledge and praise His existence.        Therefore, people do not really need to give the atheist any more concrete and more specific evidence of the existence of God. They know God is truly in their hearts, however, they still does not want to believe the existence of God . Our goal is to expose the atheist’s suppressed knowledge of God. With gentleness and respect, we can show those atheists in a gentle and respectful way that they already knows God but is suppressing what he knows to be true. In conclusion, through the three arguments, it shows people that God is existence in the world. People need to acknowledge the fact, in other word, God cannot but exist.