Argumentative Essay – Lucky by Alice Sebold

Alice Sebold wrote, “You save yourself or you remain unsaved,” in her memoir “Lucky” where she tells about the ways her rape affected everything in her life. She acknowledged that she had to save herself because no one could or knew how to. This quote can be applied to American society especially in regards to gender and race throughout the country. The amount of sexism in this country has been reduced because of those who fought to save themselves because nobody else would; minorities, on the other hand, have yet to achieve the same amount of equality and they constantly endure more harassment from law officials than whites do. One of these groups saved themselves when nobody had the sufficient drive and desire to achieve equality and understanding as much as they did; the other still struggles to achieve change because of a system that seeks to reinforce oppression for the beneficiaries, who have taken a comfortable seat as the oppressed have suffered.

The differing evolutions of inequality between races and genders document the history of struggles and successes of those who have refused to comply with such a system that is representative of the fact that “You save yourself or you remain unsaved.” To begin with, awareness regarding sexism was not raised by those who enforced it because their power of oppression would have diminished. It was up to those who were being exploited to fight against their oppression.

Although women once had many important responsibilities, they were not allowed the simple right to vote. Many noticed the oppression women were going through, but few took action because of the preconceived idea that women could not vote efficiently and because of their desire to maintain their patriarchal society. Under these circumstance, women would have remained deeply oppressed had it not been for the valiant efforts towards revolution from one woman. In 1848, Elizabeth Stanton drafted The Declaration of Se…