Are We There Yet

An extraordinarily brilliant hilarious film aimed at people of all ages, this comedy stars cheeky seven-year-old Kevin, (Philip Bolden) and eleven-year-old drama queen Lindsay (Aleisha Allen) who, working as a team, mischievously cause chaos overprotecting their mother Suzanne, (Nia Long) who just wants to be ‘friends’ with Nick (Ice Cube).

Suzanne is a divorcee with two kids, looking for a new man and a suitable father for her kids, to keep the family together. Ex-baseball player, Nick, falls in love with the gorgeous Suzanne, and buries his way into trouble trying to win her heart. Suzanne is stuck in Vancouver, determined to see her kids. Nick kindly offers to make her wish come true by taking the devilish duo to her, in order to win her heart. But is it really that simple just to take two kids to Vancouver? Well, that’s what Nick thinks.

Lindsay and Kevin have previously played various pranks on there mothers’ ex’s trying to scare them away, because they believe no one is good enough for Suzanne. Then when Nick comes along, they have it all under control, with mysterious pranks heading his way. Little does Nick know that his journey doesn’t just lead to Canada, it also leads to hell. Nick describes the two devious monsters as ‘snot nose runts’ and ‘cockroaches you can’t squash’. Lindsay and Kevin have a lot of devilish surprises planned for Nick on their long journey, so buckle your seatbelt because you wouldn’t know what’s around the corner, or what will sneak up behind you when you least expect it!

I highly recommend this film to everyone. It’s everything a comedy should be, an extraordinary five-star rating. It’s the kind of movie you wouldn’t have to worry about your kids having to close their eyes at parts, or your grandmother falling asleep before the movie’s even started. It keeps you in suspense and every bit of it will make you laugh. It’s the kind of comedy that you’ve all been asking for! I think this is the most hilarious film I’ve seen this year, and I highly recommend it to everyone. When you’ve had a bad day and need a cheer-up, relax yourself on the sofa with a cup of tea, and just watch this movie. You’ll be dancing when it’s finished. No doubt about it.

Films Rating:

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet is a film you shouldn’t even consider watching. It is the worst film I’ve seen all year, and possibly the worst I, or you will ever see. It’s just basically the most replicated ideas going wrong. Nick (Ice Cube) falls in love at ‘first sight’ but he has never been a fan of children, so it’s a challenge for him when he finds out divorcee Suzanne, (Nia Long) has two little kids. Chaos strikes and lessons are learnt, in the most ridiculous ways ever. It was almost like trying to fit a square into a triangle. I also disapprove of the acting; Nick was meant to be frustrated with the kids, but instead he didn’t look angry at all. My four year old niece could put on a better act. It’s definitely not a good film for children to watch, as they will get influenced by this idiotic comedy. It’s never too late to start the ‘worst of 2005’ list, and Are We There Yet, is already in the top ten.