Are that, when we wash our dishes in

Are you puzzled to come to a decision if you should use a
hot water electric pressure washer or a cold water electric pressure washer?
Well. You are lucky to be here. Through the whole article, we are trying to
make you take your correct decision easily.

No question, you might think that it is necessarily hard to
find out a pressure washer that can result in somewhat more than beyond
average. But our market research team has, in very recent time, investigated a
lot about hot water pressure washer. It is not as hard as you think. These hot
water pressure washers are ideal for heavy industrial cleaning projects. They
might be a game changer in your workplace.

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So, why late? It is high time you invested in a hot water
electric pressure washer.


This hot water feature of the pressure washer machines
provides you the most effective, cost beneficial and eco-friendly cleaning
services. Moreover, these hot water units ensure the best cleaning results than
a cold water unit does. No tension. This is guaranteed. They ultimately slash
your time to take when you are running a cleaning job with a hot water
facility. You would be surprised at their capability of producing the best
cleaning results.

Hot Water Electric
Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers are very efficient at
high-pressure cleaning. Just they require you use hot water mixed with
sufficient cleaning substances. You may notice that, when we wash our dishes in
the sink, we do not clean them with cold water. Why? Cold water does not work
efficiently. It cannot fight against the stubborn oil and grease. Cold water
can only move the oil from one spot to another. It cannot remove the oil
forever. Hot water removes it.

So why shouldn’t you employ a hot water washer to clean your
greasy machinery? Hot water pressure washers are particularly effective for
cleaning engine, automobile spare parts. But their application areas are not
limited to just this type of cleaning. They work on everything from spare parts
to cleaning old paint from walls.

A hot water electric pressure washer is successful and
effective in working to remove grease, grime, oily resin because of using three
major components.

•    Heat: The rising temperature of the
water may be nearly 12 degrees Celsius to up to 155 degrees Celsius. This high
temperature causes a speedy molecular function to lessen the surface tension of
the water. This helps the cleaning components become more active and pierce
grime at a molecular stage. The generating temperature offers much cleaner wash
and a quick dry.

•    Agitation: It refers to the impact
which results from water pressure and amount of water that heats the grounds or

•    Detergent: The detergent breaks down
the chemical chains between the debris and the surface. With the surfactants
and detergent emulsifies the oil and grease. So, they cannot combine as they
cannot repel each other. This emulsion results in wash out dirt, grease, and
oil altogether.

If you can make sure a balanced use of these three key
components, you would find that it works much efficiently and easily than cold
water electric pressure washer does.

How Does Hot Water
Produce Better Results?

A hot water pressure washer approaches faster and hygienic
to clean. When a cold water pressure washer traditional cleaning provides the
expected cleaning with the combination of the detergent, a hot water unit
finishes the work in approximately half of the time. Those days are past now
when it would take hours of time to complete a cleaning project. These days are
of pressure cleaning success.

As the high temperature speeds up the chemical processes, it
raises in reaction accelerate when the water gets hot. After very soon the hot
water is poured, the residue starts to break down. Thus, it removes residue in
a quick and easy way to ensure a better cleaning. The hot water does not
require you much cleaning agent to apply. It saves money on detergent.

Definitely a heated ground dries quicker. So, it removes the
moisture in and around the objects and decreases the possibility to grow the
germ and bacteria due to moisture. If you are planning to clean your instrument
before you use it, it is a good idea to make hot pressure water clean as it is
very beneficial and efficient.

Those you think impossible to clean, are now likely to be
possible because of hot water. Moreover, the highest temperature produces
steam. And this water steam removes the most stubborn dirt without any
detergent. Furthermore, it kills up to 99 percent bacteria and germ.


The hot water electric pressure washer saves you almost 35%
of your cleaning time. This is lovely! This gives you more time for relaxation.
With you relax; you would also be happy to know that you have cleaned your
targeted areas more efficiently.

If you notice, you may find the initial price range of a hot
water electric pressure washer from$2000 to $9000. This is not economical at
all. This figure could get you worried again. But this is not the fact all the
time. At the initial stage, the hot water pressure washer seems to be expensive
as you need to invest a big amount of money. But think for the long term. This
initial investment will save you cleaning agents for future years that actually
sum a lot of money. That is why it is called a cost-beneficial and eco-friendly

After all, a frequent use of a hot water electric pressure
washer makes up for the expense of it. You would obviously be amazed at its

It is strongly recommended that you exercise awareness to
use a hot water pressure washer. The chemical contained in the cleaning
components and the rising temperatures need to be operated carefully.
Otherwise, danger might occur during operation. Always follow the user manual
that comes with the unit. The manufacturers detail the operation procedures to
ensure a safe and proper operation.