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Are you considered beautiful in today’s society? Throughout history, young people with perfect skin, proportional bodies, and strong features were considered to be beautiful. Some people even believe that beauty is something that can only be seen by the human eye. According to the Dictionary beauty is defined as “The state or quality of being beautiful.” From my perspective, beauty means more than just a pretty face, an hourglass body, or even a certain skin color. To me, beauty means having a great personality, sticking to your values, and to also be a good person. Beauty should always be something you define for yourself, not by others. “Beauty comes in all shapes, shades and sizes.” (Fatima Lodhi)While having perfect skin, and an hourglass shaped body can be attractive or appealing to some, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that defines the qualities or the characteristics of a person. A great personality is a good trait that everyone should have, developing a good personality can also help a person develop a great positive attitude towards life. People with a great personality tend to see the brighter side of every bad situation. Being polite to other is also a really big factor to having a great personality. Being polite doesn’t just mean saying “yes sir” or “yes ma’am.” After being spoken to. Being polite can also bring in respect and pride, which can be a very big thing to many people, but it’s not something that is just handed to every single person that demands for it to be given to them. Developing a great personality is not only greatfor your outer self but can also be really great for your inner self. People with a great personality tend to have good listening skills, tend to be more patient, think positively, and are more likely to help others in need. All those things are big aspects of someone who is beautiful in my perspective.Sticking to your values is not only important, but can also be a very uplifting thing for many people. People gain self-respect when they stick to their values and it also reminds them to respect themselves. If you don’t respect yourself, how and why would other people want to respect you? Being clear about what you want is also a great part of sticking to the values that you make for yourself. When someone isn’t very clear about what their values are, they are more likely to have a hard time getting to where they feel satisfied and happy. When someone doesn’t know what they want, they are less likely to know when it’s right in front of them. Happiness is also a something that a lot of people value. I believe that our values play a really big part of our behavior. Values are things that we have carried with us for a really long time, we’ve learned most of them ever since we were kids. We share our values with our families and friends and it can also be something that plays a big of where you come from. I find that sticking to my values keep me really motived about everything I do.Being a good person is probably the most important quality that a beautiful person carries with them. We live in a world where negativity is all around us, someone who overcomes all the negativity and still tries to be a good person is considered beautiful in my opinion. Good people tend to have really good values and other might not like that. Normally, when someone is good. Others will try to being them down “Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you.'(KushandWizdom) People who are in misery love company, it’s always good to always know who you are and to always know that you get what you give. Taking care of yourself, and your family is another factor of what being a good person is.Beautiful people come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. It shouldn’t only be classified as something that can be seen by the human eye. People are really influenced by what the media tends to tell them what is or isn’t beauty. A wide variety of today’s population think that beauty is defined by the femininity, masculinity, shape, and color of a certain person. Beauty tends to bring the standard of comparison between men and women all around the world, it can also lead to people resenting to way they were made. Many people go as far as to starve themselves just to fit the standards for today’s society. Reasearch has proven that people who are considered beautiful then to get special treatments, such as a student getting a better grade on an assignment just because they were beautiful. This shouldn’t not determine the qualities and the personality of someone, everyone is special in their way. At the end of the day, how are you able to love someone else when you can even love yourself. “Beauty is indeed a good gift of God; but that the good may not think it a great good, God dispenses it even to the wicked.” (St. Augustine)