Apple sending text messages and using maps. This

Apple Watch Series 3, the newest smartwatch by Apple launched in the
second part of 2017 may be groundbreaking and shows a potential for a
future where wearing a mini-computer on a wrist is nothing out of the
ordinary. Series 3 is a vast improvement over its predecessors –
Apple Watch series 1 and 2. It keeps the old design, typical for
Apple – rectangular shape, it is in the same size, offers a variety
of straps and is waterproof (up to 50 meters in water which is a
fantastic solution for swimmers or fans of water sports). The
essential difference is that the previous models required the
presence of an iPhone in the close vicinity in order to obtain some
of the communication-related features, such us, sending text messages
and using maps. This is also what Apple focuses on while trying to
market it. On the website, Apple presents their newest watch as

“Freedom calls. Answer a call from your surfboard. Ask Siri to
send a message. Stream your favorite songs on your run. And do it all
while leaving your phone behind. Introducing Apple Watch Series 3
with cellular. Now you have the freedom to go with just your watch.”

In order to have a broader sense of what Apple is
really offering with their new prodcut
it is necessary to point out the most important
technical features. First of all, Apple
Watch Series 3 is equipped with a LTE 4G
connectivity which significantly broadens the possibilities offered
by a smartwatch and is arguably the biggest
selling point considering that up
until now,
the watch on its
own was reduced mainly
to a fitness tracker. Now, it is possible to have an access to the
Internet without connecting to an iPhone or
wi-fi. Furthermore, Apple focused on
improving other
features, such as,
speed, life
battery (according to Apple up to 18 hours while used for various
activities) and internal storage (16GB instead of 8GB). Although
wearables like Apple watch
are still a niche product appreciated by a
narrow group of consumers, it seems that
the newest version created by Apple is gaining popularity in a
relatively short amount of time. At the end
of 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook informed
that the interest
in Apple watch has been steadily growing
and that it is the best-selling
smartwatch in the world. According to Cook,
“the ability to go for a run with just
your Apple Watch, or go for a quick errand without your phone, while
staying connected, is a game changer.”
His words seem to be supported by
the research conducted by Daniel Ives for
GBH insights, which
declare that 7
out of 10 people who bought the newest Apple watch are first-time
buyers who have not been interested in the previous models, thus
people’s curiosity about an Apple watch and what it can offer is
evidently increasing. It is undoubtedly
thanks to the fact that the newest series allows people
for leaving their
at home and still staying
connected in case of an emergency. That
possibility adds significant value
to the product because it provides people with comfort and security –
feelings which are incredibly important for
many people. It
shifts the idea of an Apple watch being
just a fun gadget for tech-fans to
something useful and, possibly, a must-have product
in the future. For now, the Apple watch is
still mainly a
fitness tracker, therefore, for the most
part it continues targeting people who
workout on a daily basis and who want to keep track of their activity
throughout the day. It is obviously a very comfortable gadget to have
if a person does not want to bother with a regular-sized smartphone,
which is too big and impractical during various activities, but wants
to have the ability to use some of its functions. At
the moment the ideal customer of an Apple Watch Series 3 is an active
person who is looking for comfort and appreciates functional gadgets
that can make life easier. A person who exercises a lot and wants to
be up-to-date with their level of activity or needs a bit
encouragement in achieving set goals. The watch is advertised as a
product which aims at helping the user maintain good health through
coaching, motivating and offering various applications or functions,
for example checking heart rate. One of the spots (“Dear Apple”)
features people explaining how the Apple Watch is helping them live
healthier lives. It is a good marketing strategy as it positions the
watch as something more useful and influential than just a fitness
gadget and it may be highly successful among health-conscious
individuals, especially those who are excited about new technological
devices. However, it is most likely too little to attract different
consumers who perceive it as an unnecessary gadget. Most of the
adverts for Apple watch show people in the middle of performing some
kind of activity (running, swimming, dancing) and who are very
conscious about their health and calories. I would like to see Apple
trying to shift the way they advertize the watch in order to attract
other segments of people who are not overly active and tracking their
workout results is not a priority to them. To achieve that it would
be necessary to incorporate and highlight other functions the watch
may offer which may be useful on a daily basis, irrelevantly of the
fact whether someone is an active person or not. The Apple watch may
not be a product that would be interesting for most regular people
and that an average consumer would want to buy, although that can
change in the future, depending on what kind of improvements Apple
introduces in the next years (apart from the health related
functions, such as heart-rate monitoring). Already
with the new and improved features Apple
watch introduces new possibilities and manages
to slowly change people’s attitude towards
wearables. Apple watch cannot replace a smartphone completely as its
functions will always
be limited, particularly
because of its size and designated
placement on a person’s body. However, it
is already more than just a partner to an iPhone and if
Apple continues investing in it and adding new useful functions and
characteristic to the point of the watch becoming a stand-alone item,
independent from the phone, it certainly may become one of Apple’s
main products in the future. I see a big
possibility of the Apple watch being appealing
to a much wider group of people, not limited only to sport
Because of the fact that it is a wearable product, it cannot be
misplaced as easily as a phone – a person
has it on their wrist. In the future it could be a solution for
parents who want to make sure they can contact their kids at all
times. Also, it may be a good idea in
situations when someone wants to go out “light” but wants to stay
connected. Thanks to that watch a person can go to a crowded dance
club or to the beach without worrying about their phone getting
stolen or lost. At
the same time having the Apple
watch may be less of a distraction for people who are addicted to
checking their phone all the time in
fear of missing
a message when they are spending time with family or friends. By
having the watch on their wrist they can have a peace of mind knowing
that they reachable and they will be alerted in case of an emergency,
but it also eliminates
the need to reach for the phone repeatedly.

To sum up, the Apple
Watch Series
3 is a highly functional and very useful
device, but currently only
in particular situations and for particular people, even
with the cellular feature. In order to be
more popular on the market and gain more customers it has
to offer a bit more for average consumers so that they can see the
value in it and want to invest in it just for those certain
circumstances in life when they may need
it. In my opinion with the further development and next features
Apple needs to highlight the reasons a regular person would need that
kind of solution. Also, advertizing it by showing more daily life
situations outside of working out would demonstrate more purpose.