Answer in right direction. But, so as to

Answer 1:

Exchanging of information has expressively
improved over the period of time since Information Technology has grown faster
than ever before. This has led organization to hire cheap workforce in other countries
which most of the time come out cheaper as compare to the ones in local places.

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The movement of outsourcing of
professional services is a latest phenomenon as compared to production wherein
countries like India and China had been desired locations for companies since
late 1890s. Formerly, developed countries were in a position to benefit the
most advantage of offshoring, however, with the current trend of offshoring
skilled offerings, the growing international locations are also in a role to
earn greater sales. However, the transfer of white collar jobs is seen as a
threat with the aid of the employees in the developed countries.

People of developed nations consider
outsourcing as evil; however, researchers assume it useful for the developed
nations. The companies outsource their operations a good way to limit the
expenditure, cost reducing and that ultimately results in high benefit in
profit margin as the fixed cost becomes variable cost and the very last end
result come to be profit. This income can be invested in other corporations and
along with perception of doing should likely create more jobs in sales in local

The trend of offshoring can be
perceived in different dimensions: one; corporations’ point of view and the
other from the workforces’ point of view. Organizations are saving costs and
maximizing profits, with the intention to them it doesn’t rely what social
impact it is creating in society it is operating. The gain, in terms of the
earnings, is ultimately coming to business enterprise’s parent country and
consequently contributing to the economic system. If we take a look at this
situation from the perspective of employees and workforce, it’s not probable an
excellent scenario as it without delay affects their jobs.

In conclusion, the movement of information
across borders cannot be stopped or put to end as this is a vital transaction
of resources among countries. Additionally, it could be managed or regulated in
right direction. But, so as to restrict data from shifting freely throughout
borders countries need to make and apply rules on data transfer under the act
of data localization or data safety.   







Answer 2: Nothing fails like success

The success of any commercial
enterprise relies upon on its business strategy. Marketing strategies are made
keeping in thoughts all the elements like clients, competition, product type
and so forth. The same approach of a company won’t fit nicely for unique
marketing condition hence it’s miles important to make strategies based totally
at the changing situations keeping in thoughts other parameters.

Motorola in its early years of
nonstop innovation, the corporation could make lots of consumer electronics,
together with domestic radios and TVs. However, Motorola’s bread and butter
became technology and devices sold to other organizations, especially the ones
charged with public protection and defense. Moreover, Motorola was the pioneer
in handling mobile telephones and accordingly enjoyed a fortune for being the
main telecommunication business enterprise a while. Its downfall started out
while Nokia entered the market and Apple produce smart phones at the same time
as Motorola was counting on its older version of phone. Motorola, essentially,
struggled with project management. They failed to focus on one component and
ended up shutting down all his operations in mobile marketplace. Motorola
couldn’t cope up with the adaptability phase of innovation and technology. They
engaged their selves in different upgradations at the same time and were
extremely unsuccessful even as giving something new to the market. In my point
of view, Motorola should focus on variation of new technologies and making its
brand more fashionable in an effort to live to tell the tale in the industry.

GAP is known for successful clothing
brand and its quality of product makes it more like competitive in nature. However,
the brand failed to adapt the advancements in technology and coming up with new
fashion and clothing. People these days have frequent use of internet and that open
up more varietie of options and therefore, they end up choosing something else
then their previous brand. Such a variety of options led customers to
compromise on brand loyalty. Simply due to everybody wants something trendy,
unique and new, people become bored of classic and monotonous styles or
colorations of gap. It needs to adapt its fashion in step with the trends
prevailing within the marketplace; they need to lessen the shelf stock provide
online purchasing services and come up with new layout retaining on small line
containing classics as nicely.

On the other hand, Starbucks is on
its way to adapt the changing environment of the coffee business. The founder
of Starbucks wanted to provide a place where people would come for coffee and share
space around in whatever way just like he felt on his trip in Italy. in recent
times, the life-style of consumers have changed plenty and in my point of view,
Starbucks should accept it and come up with an approach to keep up with the
alternate. Starbucks has experimented with making coffee extra accessible by
selling roasted coffee beans at departmental shops, offers cold coffee placed
on stores shelves. This indicated that management has at the least responded to
some the adjustments. but if required, it should not hesitate to re-evaluate
its whole enterprise version.

Answer 3:

Most of the parts of world have
their own laws and regulation for advertising and marketing of products and therefore,
multinational firms are supposed to abide by them. Particularly in UAE, female
frontal is forbidden to show without a headcover. This could be a reason for
hinderance when companies such as P and Unilever would want to advertise their
hair products. To tackle this issue, 3D technology could be of a greater use while
working on a such advertisement. One can use leftover of hair or extensions of
real hair and putting them to a digital model just to portray the message of advertisement.
Also, endorsement from different celebrities and beauticians would make a
difference just to make the message more stand out in the cowed. There are several
ways to tackle such a situation, depends upon how creative is the team force.




Answer 4:

The results of survey stand out
clear as majority of Pakistan’s child population wants to be more intelligent
and aspires to travel around the world. The survey targeted urban child population
who aspires to be intelligent and already maintain a relatively better lifestyle.
As for as market opportunities for western companies are concerned, they can
target these children or their parents in colleges, department stores and social
clubs.  Western companies could open
academic institutes that reflect western model of education system with the
time table of making kids more intelligent and focusing on advertising the
possibilities of going abroad as exchange students in the parent branch.

In Pakistan, especially in urban
areas, educational business in anyway is worthwhile. everyone tries to find
institutes that follow models of overseas education. Western institute can
without difficulty penetrate the local marketplace. There’s also a huge chance
of attracting kids who aspire to go in the space and have such hobbies.
consequently, it’s likely high scope for western corporations to open amusement
and space parks just to fascinate and entertain young mind in practical manner.
commencing of such parks might attract many other just to get on a virtual
drive in the space. due to the fact there might be no competitor in this type
of business, western corporations would truly have advantage over others.





Answer 5:

The trade development Authority of
Pakistan (TDAP) organizes a biggest trade fair in an effort to appeal to
foreign clients to buy Pakistani products. The EXPO is organized in major
cities of Pakistan in which TDAP provides platform for the consumers and
dealers to have interaction with every different.

As an advertising and marketing
head, I would like to collect the statistics concerning the previous deals in
EXPOs. Those numbers can be used to offer a level of comfort to the
organizations that by being part of the EXPO will generate a few activities for
their business as well. Also, I’d engage my team to conduct seminars and
workshops about the expo in every major metropolis of Pakistan in which the
businesses will be guided about the significance of presenting their items at
the EXPO. Worldwide retail chains and shops will be invited to visit the expo.

As mu team gets accomplished with
gathering information concerning protentional customers and dealers, then all
of the businesses ought to be contacted. Members from the previous expos and
organizations who’ve promising export product or offerings however have not
participated earlier than. For brand new businesses, the advertising crew
should share the benefits of participating by sharing the cost of deal struck,
the list of the protentional customers, the exchange incentives supplied by way
of the government and the future possibilities of the organization. It will
likely be most effective if one on one meeting is set with the potential
businesses where advertising and marketing crew can meet their business
development supervisor or some senior executive who’s a position to make deals
or take decisions. Ultimately, follow ups may be taken in an effort to ensure
the presence of businesses to attend the EXPO.



Answer 6:

A regional trading bloc is a
collection of nations within a geographical area that defend themselves from
imports from non-members. Buying and selling blocs are a form of financial
integration, and increasingly shape the pattern of global trade. To trade
amongst countries, the formation of regional trade block is much like first
step to open up ways for exchange amongst nations on worldwide basis.
particularly for developing nations, these first steps are vital in order to
have international exposure and who are still suffering for their international
image in trade. For one of these state, it’s extremely essential to trade
within their barriers at the start. Once there are on the street of
development, excelling in any other their core fields, thereafter, they have to
alternate their consciousness toward the worldwide change.

Developed countries such as USA,
China and Russia have seen to be taking part in the advantages of each nearby
and international trade. Due to their strength they may be most of the time
dominant in both the trades. They have got authorities to impose their
conditions and regulations in the reginal blocks in addition to in the
worldwide trade.

As far as Pakistan is involved, we
are more inclined towards regional block building as we are also in the listing
of developing countries. Our agreement with China is one in all the most
important example of local trade settlement, China is building this region
greater powerful for its own advantages, but Pakistan is also getting something
out of it.


Answer 7:

As far as innovation is concerned,
I don’t support the argument of reducing the patent lives because even though
with the higher patent lives it’s tough for the humans to come up with the
money for the life-saving drug, but if the incentive to innovate reduces, there
will eventually be no innovation. Patenting of stay saving drugs such as AIDS,
HIV and cancer or other drugs give the companies right to preserve their
intellectual property. Patenting promotes the equity and compensatory justice
concerns. The ones who have placed a lot attempt and cash in the developing
something new ought to earn from it now onwards and second concern is the
defend the brand-new innovation and domestic and worldwide welfare. However,
it’s no longer beneficial for the patients who can’t have enough money such
expensive tablets. The developing nations do not have the assets and skills in
comparison to developed international locations so they fail to make such

The developing nations are forced
to buy expensive capsules as they do no longer have any cheaper opportunity.
The reduction of patent lives of innovative tablets can be helpful for the
underdeveloped countries however the developed countries that deem their
tablets as goldminers will not be glad about it. removal of patent rights would
lead different people to copy their formulation and produce cheaper options to
help the poor. Folks who are compelled to buy highly-priced drugs due to
monopoly will shift to lessen priced drugs.

If this bill receives surpassed,
within the brief run, health care value will be reduced and more humans may be
able to find the money for capsules and save their lives. However, in the end,
when new ailment is identified and there may be no innovation to make
existence-saving pills for illnesses and lots of humans could fall sufferer to



Answer 8:

A)        It was a
huge mistake to go into Indian marketplace with standardized marketplace. One
must analyze or have particular expertise about going worldwide or the market
one is coming into. Adaptability is the important thing for going global.
Adaptability doesn’t imply to have handiest employees but the product as well.
In this type of case, it was assumed that Asian people have similar taste and
so the corporation added the product in India based totally of the effects of
chinese and different Asian markets. but, purchaser behavior and their desire
range from country to country because of different ethnic backgrounds. 


B)         This
doesn’t appear like a hassle with product, rather, it became a positioning
problem. due to the fact, cereals should now not had been brought as an
alternative to standard breakfast however need to be positioned as a further
light meal choice that may be consumed together with the traditional meals. One
can also debate upon goal marketplace, it need to now not only target working
people, however it has to be children and youngsters as well. due to the fact nowadays,
people are very health aware and like to have mild food rather than traditional
complete food 


C)         when
we’re coming into new markets, we must have information about:

market and
the product demand we are selling.

the target market or segment for the product.

development of the product need to now not prevent at the initial segment, as
an alternative the product improvement ought to maintain, and the product must be
adapted to modifications in the external surroundings. If the product is not
constantly advanced, ten there is a risk that it’s going to quickly get
replaced by means of a few different alternatives.