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Animal testing has saved many lives through the discovery of cures and treatment. Humans shares about 95% of genes with a mice, which make them one of the most effective model for experiment on human body.1.How Animal testing benefits us from kidney failureIn average, 5,000 people will develop kidney failure every year and one-third of these people would have pass away without a regular dialysis or kidney transplant. Animal experimentsJoseph E. Murray is an American plastic surgeon who succeeded in performing the first human kidney transplant back in 1954.He and a few scientists wanted to master the surgical technique for organ transplant through carrying out experiments on bigger animals. (eg. pigs)However, after perfecting the technique, the experiment still wasn’t successful.Why is it so?New organs may be rejected due to the human’s immune system, which was a huge problem because it leads to failure of another organ.That’s when Cyclosporine came in.It was extracted from a type of fungus and tested on mice and dogs. It miraculously helped to solve the problem of rejecting new organs.Thank to animal testing, it increased the survival rate in humans by 3 times.What’s animal testing has done for humans? Without animal testing, it would be impossible for surgeons to perfect the surgical technique and many more would have passed away without a perfected surgery.Also, around 16,000 kidney patients benefit from successful kidney transplants every year.2. How Animals testing benefits us from cancerAccording to an article, research has shown that 1 out of 10 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Animal experimentsHowever, Tamoxifen was accidentally discovered in 1967 during a search for emergency contraceptives with animal testing.It was then tested on rats and showed a positive result that prevented the growth of cancer cells.Tamoxifen has also been for other purposes,such as to using animals in breast cancer research, by proving that human tumour cells grown in the laboratory will have the same effect to the same drugs that work in patients. Without the help of animal testing, it would have been nearly impossible to reveal that the laboratory cell testing results were relevant and reliable.Why experiment on animal?It allow humans to do research through trial and error before testing on humans.Additionally, animal testing helps scientists to find a treatment for cancer, such as breast cancer. With discovery of Tamoxifen through animal testing, it assisted in preventing and treating breast cancer by stopping the growth breast cancer cells, therefore leading to 30% decrease in death rates from breast cancer. Today, breast cancer is listed as the second most survivable female cancer, with an increase of 77% in survival rate and helping to prevent breast cancer in high-risk patients.