Analysis of Their Eyes Were Watching God

Throughout the novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” Zora Neale Hurston’s writing articulates both a reflection of and departure from the aspects such as freedom and the identity of oneself within the Harlem Renaissance. These two notions resemble the significance the Harlem Renaissance had represented how a young girl, named Janie was seen upon as a whole throughout the novel.

To begin with, Janie who is the main character of the novel, tries to find a beautiful path where she will experience the love, joy, and wealth a man could possibly have. Throughout the black community during the novel and the Harlem Renaissance, people secluded themselves, but were resilient towards any obstacle that hindered them to keep moving on. After when Janie left her first husband, Logan Killicks, she escaped and found a man she knew would be the one of her dreams. Joe Starks had strongly shown how Janie can be influenced from his many characteristics he had attained. Later on, she sees that too much of his power would not have kept the relationship going; she finds that the power he holds is built from what he possess. As it states in the novel, You behind a plow! You ain’t got no mo’ business wid uh plow than uh hog is got wid uh holiday! You ain’t got no business cuttin’ up no seed p’taters neither..” This quote explains how Janie was treated and was used as a toy, but she soon realizes, after all of these hardships one could go through, she knows it takes to be a woman to just let go of it and move on from it. This is a pivotal movement of Janie acknowledging her true identity when she leaves Joe and starts a new path.

In addition to Janie’s identity to be finally renovated, she sees a man who holds a big heart and will make Janie feel the unconditional love she never felt before. The man was Tea Cake, he was just as Janie had wanted. Throughout this relationship, Janie had gained the freedom and joy she had been hoping for from a…