An from having different opinions. Organizations control the

An organization is an
organized group of people weather under one roof or located in different areas,
where they serve for one particular purpose weather it being a type of
ideology, business or government. Within an organization you are restricted to
serve one particular purpose and for many people this may be a burden as this
will not allow them to express other ideas within this organization. People who
do not feel comfortable in an organization can freely work on their own where
they can set their own rules for themselves. This is why it is a fact that
organisations complicate matters as it restricts people from having different
opinions. Organizations control the people that are within the organizations in
order to run and perform to the best of the organizations abilities.

The organization controls the
workers all the time whilst being part of the organization as through the use
of punch clocks, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) and also other
colleagues who have a higher rank control and restrict your actions.  The use of a punch clock regulates and
restricts your management of time. It is a key tool for the organization’s
highest-ranking people to know when you arrive and leave the establishment. It
works very simple; you punch the time you go in and then you punch out when you
leave. Although it is something small and not really noticeable when it gets
into your daily routine, it gives power to the organization, which it needs in
order to control the organizations workers.

The CCTV camera is a very
powerful useful tool. Although the cameras are used mainly to prevent theft and
for general surveillance, unfortunately high-ranking officials can abuse from
their power within the organization in order to hurt other people. With strict
laws in place about privacy and surveillance, these cameras can only be used
for visual purposes and not audio as this goes against the law of privacy. By
having cameras in the organization, the employee has to be notified before hand
that he/she is being observed and there must be a sign that there are cameras.
Working with other people within an organization could also cause more problems
as people are like the cameras but they can lie and create gossip about you
which will further create more problems which will ultimately make you think
that it is better to work on your own rather than working with people which
create and un-pleasant environment to work in.

Furthermore, within an
organisation, many people compete for the organizations top jobs in order to
have a better wage and feel superior over others. This obsession could lead to
workers being preferred to be nominated for a higher-ranking job due to
preference of gender or race, instead of another person who should have it.

Within an organization there
are people who have authority over the employees. According to Weber’s studies
he says that there are three types of authority which are: Charismatic
authority, Traditional authority and Rational-Legal authority. The Charismatic
type of authority is a person which most importantly has the source of authority
derived from the identification of a individual as having exceptional-perhaps
even supernatural abilities and qualities. 
This type of person normally has high ranking job due to his individual
exceptional abilities that make him/her superior to others. The Traditional
type of authority is when the employee inherits the right of an individual to
expect obedience and loyalty from others. The Rational-Legal authority is the
form of underlying the bureaucratic model.

These three types of authority
are mainly found in many organizations. There a few people who are superior to
others. Those who are not superior, which are the majority could feel left out
and will have to carry the futile burden of being pushed aside so that such
superior people can flourish. This will further encourage the thought of the
employee that it is much better to work alone rather than form part of an

An organization is vast group
of people where you can find yourself working with people you never knew
before. There may be instances where gender and race can have an influence on
what happens in the organization. The problems with gender and race are mainly
the problems of feminism and racism. This can cause unnecessary burden for the
employee due to their gender or race.

Unfortunately, there are many
problems both locally and overseas where the gender of the person can determine
their wage and also their position of authority on the place of work. Until a
few years ago a women’s wage was far much less than a man’s wage when doing the
same job. There is still the same problem in today’s world in developing
countries where females are treated as something less than males. There are
still instances where also in developed countries women still get paid less but
are now reaching a level playing field regarding the wages due to the rise in
women’s rights and also government indicatives for women to work. Such
difference in wage can have an effect on the number of women working, as it is
noticeable that a colleague of your who is a male, gets a higher wage then you
do, whilst doing the same job, but with a different wage due to their gender.
Fortunately, this has not discouraged women to start or continue working.

The other problem that you can
find within an institution is the problem of race discrimination. There has
always been such a problem and till nowadays, worldwide racism can have an
effect on the organizations choice when choosing the employee for promotion.
The problem of racism comes from the stereotype that some races are better than
others whilst doing a particular job and so due to your race you are expected
to follow the stereotype to do that job. Cases of racism are common locally
where migrants have been treated differently due to the colour of their skin. In
this case white people feel more superior over blacked coloured people. The
problem of racism when found in an organization can lead to complicated matters
which will further encourage working on your own.

Organizations are a futile burden. It is better to
work on your own. Organizations cause more bureaucracy and complicate matters!
How true is this statement? I fully agree with this statement. I feel that
organizations can lead cause different problems between people. Although
organizations encourage team-work and self-flourishment, they might have an
impact on the person where ultimately the decision will be that it would be
much better to work on your own. When working on your own you would not need to
worry about jealousy and preference amongst employees.