America who have hungered for new lives and

America as a whole has been
built up and crafted into what it has become today because of the risks of
those who have hungered for new lives and more freedoms; immigrants. Over many
years, immigrants molded society into a melting pot of many kinds of very
different cultures, ideas, religions, traditions, and other wonderful things.

Due to immigrants, American citizens enjoy a diversified country in which opportunities
seem endless. Today’s American society would not be what it is now if not for
the brave immigrants who obtained their citizenships by traveling through Ellis
Island, located in New York City. They went through this nerve wracking process
to enter through the U.S for many reasons. For some immigrants, they wanted to
escape political or religious prosecution, some wanted more job opportunities,
others may have just wanted more opportunity for themselves and their families.

The creation of the “immigration Station”, allotted for all of these dreams to
become reality for these immigrants. After traveling through the screening
processes at Ellis Island, obtaining citizenship, and following the (highly
sought after) “American Dream”, all immigrants were given opportunity and the
ability to assist in improving America and their own lives for the better. This
served to highly benefit America as a whole.