Ahmet supplies, owned by the multi-national Corporation, Procter

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The Communication Plan of Gillette

of Gillette


Gillette is a brand of men’s and women’s
safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies,
owned by the multi-national Corporation, Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Gillette was owned by The Gillette Company,
a supplier of products under various brands until that company merget into
P&G in 2005. The Gillette Company was founded by King C. Gillette in 1901
as a safety razor manufacturer.

According to Forbes most valuable brands
list, Gillette is 23rd most valuable brand in the world. It’s even more valuable
than Pepsi and Nike.



PEST Analysis
of Gillette


a-      Political Factors


Just like every other company, Gillette is
also abided by the governmental rules and regulations. However, due to its
innovation Gillette can easily beat competitors in the market. Yet the business
gets affected by such rules. In Turkey, government increased the import taxes
to avoid an economic crisis and to support local brands. It caused higher prices.
Gillette is affected bad by the import, export policy of the government having
a major impact on economy.


b-      Economic Factors

Turkey has big and young
population who want to be more attractive, the target market of Gillette is
young people. It means, Gillette can make big profit in Turkey. In the other
case, currency value of Turkey is decreasing day by day. That makes products


c-       Social Factors

Gillette provided with the most
comfortable shave with innovative features introduced to the razors, for male
and female. Gillette provided them with complete package including other
products and services as well. Gillette contributed to improve social life of
people, giving them confidence and beauty.




d-      Technological Factors


The introduction of laser technology for hair removal also
proved to be indirect competitor of Gillette. In Comparison, Gillette was
reasonable for customers, providing comfortable and updated techniques required
by the audince. Acknowledging the technological factors Gillette makes sure to
produce products using new technological methods and techniques, not only this
bu every Gillette product follow same set of rules.


ANALYSIS of Gillette Mach 3 Triple Blade Razor


a-      Strenghts

P has developed its triple blade razor, which is the new and
emerging technology to attract its users.

The razor is provided with Uranium coating and it has more life
than other razors.

The personal care products of this company are easy to use and it
causes very few cuts.

These products are provided with aggressive advertising and people
find them easily on their doorsteps.

The distribution channel system of the company is effective.

The company provides the quality products and innovation in their
products to their users.

b-      Weaknesses

Gillette is more expensive than razors of other companies.

P should prepare such products for the daily use,
which can be cheaper than the products of other companies.

Gillette razors are available mostly in big stores and do
not available in small shops.

The company has to face the problem of expensive brand

It is the male product only, which have no attraction for
other gender.

Some environmental issues can affect the quality and
quantity of the products.


c-       Opportunities

The company should give attention to consumer brand

When users give attention over their grooming, then it will
lead to increase in the demand of the sophisticated products.

There is consistent and increasing demand of the high
quality products, and people like to use the products having different

P should enhance the distribution channel of the
company to provide more and more products in the existing markets.

Gillette has great importance for its personal hygiene.


d-      Threats

The substitute products are developed in the market, which
can be great threat for the products of P.

The higher price of Gillette can compel customers to buy
cheap products.

As the market is very sensitive about the price of the
products, so they should be aware of the quality of the products.

The local brands can affect the sale of the products of


Goals and Objectives


Increase selling rates in Februay %3. It means, the goal is
to sell 90.000 more razor than sold in January.

Increase the turnover of Gillette to 120 Millions $ in 2018.



The target market for Gillette is the urban, modern,
appearance conscious male population in the age group of 20-45 years. Men with
sensitive skins are special focus area of the product development team. The
name of the product highlights the product specialization to this category of