Agriculture sensors with agricultural mobile appsand cloud platforms

Agriculture is the backbone of Economic System of a Given Country. The reasonthat we’ve permanent civilizations is owing to agriculture.This sector, at present, providesresource to 65 to 70 per cent of the whole population. The world provides employment to58.4 per cent of country’s workforce and is that the single largest private sector occupation.E orts are being made to boost the productivity and cut back losses. In today’s world usingsmart agriculture technologies such as Internet of Things results into cheap, however e ectiveways of agriculture that successively can sure enough give rise to higher quality production.Internet of Things (IOT) is a recent shared network of objects or things which mayact with one another provided the Internet connection. IOT plays an important role inagriculture eld. It contributes considerably towards innovating farming ways. Farmingchallenges caused by increase and global climate change have created it utilization of IOTamong primary industries. The combination of wireless sensors with agricultural mobile appsand cloud platforms help in aggregation of important data referring to the environmentalconditions.In India, horticultural eld plays a vital role in the development of India. The clas-sical approach has the naked eye observation by the experts for detection and identi cationof fruit diseases. This classical approach is expensive and time-consuming. Hence, thereis a need of automatic fruit disease detection and prevention system in the early stage ofthe disease. Crops are being a ected by uneven climatic conditions leading to decreasedagricultural yield. One of the most important fruits or crop in an agricultural eld of ourcountry is Pomegranate. The pomegranate fruit is widely a ected by bacterial blight disease(also called as “Telya”). Due to this disease the yield production is reduced to 90Bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas Axonopodis PV. Punicae (Vauterin et al.,1995) is a major threat. This disease a ects steam, leaf, and fruits.The symptoms of bacterialblight it rst founded on stem part which gradually pervades to leaves of pomegranate havingsmall black spot surrounded by bacterial ooze then it spread over the plant. It mainly causeson pomegranate fruit. On pomegranate fruit the bacterial blight having symptoms like smallblack spot on fruit and round and surrounded by bacterial ooze, later spots enlarge to becomeraised, dark brown lesions with inde nite margins that cause the fruit to crack