Afghanistan Short Essay

Afghanistan’s geography bears a slight resemblance to ours. Afghanistan has snow-dusted and jagged mountains. Some of the mountains have jagged edges, and some have dull edges and have a snow-dusted top. Afghanistan has extremely hot summers and very cold winters. climate is 90% F in summer and can get to 25 F in winter because of the climate, they don’t have very many animals that live around therefore they have to buy, sell, and grow vegetables and fruits for food. About 14. 5 million people live in afghanistan. their population comes to about half of what the US has. Over three million afghans have moved to pakistan and iran since 1979. ot many people from Afghanistan come to the US. aftgan.. Afghanistans religion differs with ours in the US . Allah considers all Muslims equal in the allegiance. They only have two kinds religions. Almost all Afghans are Muslims of the islamic religion. Not all afghans come from the nuslim religion. Just about more than half of them come from the Muslim religion. They all fast during the holy month of Ramada. They fast during the day except after dark. All male Muslims must try to visit the holy city of Mecca. It’s in Saudi Arabia and they must try to visit it at least once in their life.

Only male Muslims must try to visit it before they die the females don’t have to do so. Afghanistan’s history goes way back. Afghanistan is the only country that hasnt yet been conquered in Asia. The US has troops in Afghanistan since September 11,2001 when the twin towers were knocked down. At times Afghanistan was the battleground on which conflicting empires pursued their quest for regional control. The empires couldn’t conquer the whole region. Archaeological evidence shows that the earliest settlements in the region began about 3000 BC in Afghanistan’s portion of the plateau of Iran.

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